A demonic nightmare


Well, it’s been a while since I last posted a topic here. However, today I want to share with u a nightmare, which my cousin had last night.
My cousin is a psychic, and I am a witch, this is so convenient for me to research her abilities. She can see things and senses them, and sometimes she can project her thoughts into the others minds.
This morning, she called when I was having breakfast. She told that in her dream, she was in her room, and she sensed there was a demonic entity in that room with her, then suddenly a woman who seemed to be quite familiar to her but she couldn’t recall her, walked in the room.
She said that she could feel the intention of the entity, which was to possess that woman. And then it happened just as she had felt. The woman was possessed, and she came near to my cousin, my cousin was so afraid then she woke up and phoned me immediately after that.
My cousin is a really tough psychic, just like me, a stubborn witch. And I think she might need to clean her house off the negative spirits because she hates demons and things like that. So do u have any ideas of this?


Your cousin’s vision is rather common for someone who practices magic. While she might be sensing evil and feels uncomfortable with what she is doing previously as this might be new rituals and castings or psychic events.

The vision see’s a woman entering her room and that other woman becomes possessed might be symbolizing losing control, or of making bad decisions against another, perhaps feeling responsible for a situation that she has created.

Since the vision encompasses the demonic and feelings of oppression and possession or dominance it indicates this cousin might be doing baneful work and trying to control someone. The vision is suggesting that she is feeling threatened emotionally with what they are doing or going through in life.


Without any other info I would second lawclerk on looking at the dream deeper than face-value. Get your friend to examine it from the perspective that both the woman and the demon are aspects of herself and see if any ideas on what that means occur to her.

If, as or when that doesn’t yield any answers that speak to her intuition, then look for other symbolism, and try divinations to look for interfering entities and causes.


Besides dreams, she claimed to see some demonic creatures in her house while she was awake in daytime. Their skins were black, red eyes and angrily starred at her then vanished before she tried to do anything


That’s how she views them based off their aura. They could be friendly but because of beliefs people perceive them differently.


Well, she is quite tough and stubborn, thus she would never be convinced, she is very talented medium I have ever seen before. She even projected her thoughts to make people do by chance what she wanted.
And I think she might not want any entities in or around her house.


She is a good psychic I can tell you that but demons are viewed how you feel you would view them. If you’re friend is scared of them she probably will see scary demons.


They won’t hurt you unless you’re opposed to them, I work LHP and so do many magicians here. Yet I’m sitting her typing.


These actual manifestations of a dark demon with glowing red eyes might be something she has created to grab attention. Usually with visions of demons and the deity physically manifesting in her home, which seem to be symbols representing an oppressive force keeping you down. Something in your mind that prevents you from doing something or holding you back.


Well, not just in her house, she even saw spirits of the dead people while she was outside and in the public
And she told me this, while doing soul travel, we can travel back to the past because there is no limitation in the spiritual realms, and she did travel back to the wedding day of her parents for fun.
And in the next morning, she opened her parent’s album and saw in every photos, there was a human-shaped shadows standing behind her parents in their wedding .


Have we found the secret to those weird ghost photos? Could it be your friend has proved that ghosts are just psychics?


What ghost photo?
That shadow was my cousin astral form, she travel back to the past, specifically her parents wedding day, and then captured by the camera


idk much about these ghostly stuff ,my cousin is an expert of this, she told me that
The powers and abilities of witches work differently from those of psychics. Psychics powers are not as many as witches but these don’t need any methods or spells, rituals for activation. While the witches only access these powers via rituals,spells, potions, and so on


Photos float around the web of picture in odd clothes sitting there be it in shadow form or just transparent.