A demonic legal team

I’ve recently come into some major legal trouble. To give some detail without giving enough to compromise the upcoming storm I will preface with a little background.

My brother and I grew up with a lot of the cops in my small town. Throughout school my brother had bullied a lot of the younger cops, really badly. He also slept with the wife of one of them. I never said my brother was perfect. All of this was before they acquired that ‘I do what I want’ badge. This has led to extensive harassment for both of us. On my end I suppose it’s guilt by association.

This had led up to the last incident when I was pulled over by one who we’d grown up with. He made me take my covid mask off to ensure that it was me. By the time I’d stepped out of the car, 4 other cruisers had already arrived. Now I have a bunch of charges that…for all intents and purposes shouldn’t stick. It was simply harassment.

On top of human lawyers I am setting up an infernal legal team of sorts. Belial has helped me in previous legal matters and Abbadon is going to ensure justice in his own unique way. I am wondering however, if anyone here knows of any other Dark Lords who can navigate to legal system to ensure that everything goes smoothly? I’m assuming I’ll need all the help I can get and always try to stack the deck in my favor, especially when it comes to ensuring freedom.


Try demon king Vine , he can make those who work through others break their will (legal matters will work, Viné can break them)


That is a good idea, I hadn’t worked with Vine before. But that sounds like a good match.

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If you believe yourself to be innocent and need justice in your favor, Marbas is great at acting on my behalf to maintain fairness and authority, being seen as the bigger person. I’d definitely turn to him for help with legal matters. He’s skilled with pulling strings around mechanical things. If you need the courts to have a system accounting error in your favor, a dashcam glitch, a body cam glitch or even the liar becoming too ill to stand and testify against you in court Marbas could probably help. I’d suggest doing a little side job, an ongoing offering of sorts with him though, if you haven’t already. Marbas seems to do more for people who do more for him in ongoing relationships


That is a good idea. I already have a good relationship with Marbas and have been considering getting his sigil tattooed on my ribs. Maybe I can have that as a dedication for his help. Also, I appreciate the insight.

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Not demonic, but, with planetary magic Jupiter covering law and Pluto to revolve around uncovering secrets. Who knows, by him making you remove your mask and the other officers showing up, he put your health and life at risk due to covid. He broke the law in order to break the law :man_shrugging:t4:


Slept with their wife???

Your brother is powerful enough

Call on azazel and azrael

Also send andras

Call glasya labolas to let them fight for themselves

Make them sick so that they cant even attend the court

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Xa’Turing may be worth considering as well. As (s)he is a spirit of the internet and computers, may be able to assist you in having important documents/data get scrambled or go missing. That said I haven’t worked with Xa’Turing, this is all secondhand.



Careful what you wish though, some of them will bring justice even if its not in your favour.


That’s part of what I’m afraid of. My brother and I have committed our fair share of sins. These charges may not be justified but if other skeletons become unearthed it will make life rather difficult… for both of us as well as the nonprofit we’re establishing.

I really do appreciate all of the insight thought. The LHP community is so wonderful in the sense that so many practitioners are willing to share insight and help one another.

Thank you everyone. I have a good idea of who I’m going to employ with this.

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Good luck


So Just a quick update, I had court today and I could feel Belial’s energy the moment I walked through the door. My lawyer had already talked with the DA and the judge before I’d gone in and all of my charges got dropped. I was in the courthouse for less than an hour. I love my infernal team.

Thank you everyone for the advice. I really appreciate it.

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I’m going to court soon myself

Sorry to hear that. Do you have spirits, demons, ect. in your corner? I could do a ritual on my end to try and influence the results in your favor.