A demonic/angelic dictionary 0r encyclopedia_are there any?

Greetings All,

I wanted to ask the forum members if ANYONE can please refer to me a Demonic Dictionary/Encyclopedia and an Angelic Dictionary/Encyclopedia? Do any even exist? I’m tired of using the following resources:

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_theological_demons

  2. www.demonolatry.org/demdic.pdf

Although these are easily accessible…they really don’t tell me anything. I’m looking for resources that will tell me:

  1. Names
  2. Attributes
  3. Hours
  4. Their powers**** (basically what can this entity do for me)
  5. any correspondences?

Now, I do have a copy of Skinner’s The Complete Magician’s Tables, yes The Goetia…blah blah blah.

But these resources don’t include any other entities except those that are attributed to said text…Goetia for instance. There is also Michelle Belanger’s release…but don’t know if this is waht I’m looking for:


Then of course there is The Dictionnaire Infernal by de Plancy…but I don’t know if this is more fact or fiction. I’ve read some things about this work that point to it being romanticized a lot.

Bottom line is it appears I can’t get out of resources that are presenting Demons & Angels from a Judeo-Christian paradigm.

Any help is most appreciated friends!



There are several if you look well on the internet…on google books there is at least one good.

^ uber helpful reply.

I’ve come across so many lists/hierarchies of demons I’ve lost count. I’m not sure if they would necessarily constitute a dictionary or encyclopedia.

I saw the book you posted the link for and had considered getting it but never got around to it. If you get it before I do let me know if its worth the buy.

Personally I stick with the Goetia, Dukante heirarchy and those listed in E.A.'s works.


Here is an article I found about the Dictionary of Demons you posted the link to. He provides some of the resources he used to compile his dictionary. Perhaps this will be of some use.

S. Connollys book “Demonolaters guide to deamon magick” has a fairly comprehenisve list of entities and their sigils, but it doesn’t cover angels or anything that falls beyond “classic” demons.

“The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology” by Rosemary Ellen Guily.

Although not complete either.

Thank you Bran!


Nice demonic nipple yer sporting!!! Although from my research, Rosemary Ellen Guily’s is also from a Judeo-Christian background. I don’t know she’s kinda hott…maybe I’ll buy her book.

Hey Mode,

I have Michelle Belanger’s book Names of the Damned: The Dictionary of Demons. It lists the demons alphabetically and gives a description of the powers of each and in what grimoire they are found but one thing she does NOT provide are the sigils of said demons, except for a few here and there, mainly for illustrative purposes. The only things I have found useful in the book are the tables of correspondences in the back, which lists planetary and elemental correspondonces, as well as gives a list of demons under subject headings, like Murder, Wealth, Disease, etc.

Hope this is useful.

Thanks to all…I really mean that!

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thank you friends!