A demon to reach a long distance love

Hello everyone,
There is a woman that i am in love with but she lives in the US while i am in Israel. Our bond is very powerful and strong but we both suffer because of the distance. We both have bad education and no money and this suffering is very hard yet we have affected each other so much.

Is there a demon that i can work with to help us reach each other on the physical plane? If so, what would be the best way to work with him? It’s of those things that i would do anything to make it work.

angel lotir from kindgoms of flames
she can rearrange the stars for true love meaning she can rearrange the world for you and her


how do i communicate with him?

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for your request follow this How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want - Become A Living God


Thank you! Are there any chants for him?

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you can chant this
“lotir come”


I will try it.


You may ask Belial help, He is very powerful, and He will help you to remove all the blockages between you financial or other sort so that you may reach each other.

Also in Kabbalah Ma’asit קבלה מעשית‬ or Practical Kabbalah you will find many excellent recipies that will be very helpful also. As you are fluent in Hebrew things will be easier for you in that magick

You may use both at the same time, that will not cause any trouble. King Belial is all powerful and helpful but consult him for important or difficult matters.

Good luck


Thank you for that. Do you have perhaps any directions towards recipies in Kabbalah Ma’asit that i could use?

I love king Belial, he used to help me so much with addictions.

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I really don’t something suitable for your purpose, but if you search in Hebrew, you may find I think.

Hello Zamran. I am learning Hebrew to learn practical kabbalah (Kabbalah ma’asit). Learning the material magic of practical Kabbalah is my primary goal. (Love spells, revenge spells, etc.)How can I learn?Can you help me? If you believe you are knowledgeable enough, will you be my mentor?