A demon/spirit or entity that can help with traveling abroad?

As some of you must have guessed, I am new here. I will like to ask the real and successful Magick practitioners here if there is a demon/spirit, angel or entity I can summon and petition regarding plans to travel abroad? And if yes, what is the name, sigil and ways to summon that will be most effective? I thank everyone in advance that reads, answers and teach me how to get a successful result with this.

You should maybe start researching the demons who are powerful in Saggitarius, they have surely an idea. Saggitarius is the astrology aspect you need to understand travelling abroad


You can work with Bathin.


Day: Bime, Ronove.
Night: Zagan, Volac.
Than to be carefully approached: Glasya-Labolas (first day decan), Andras (third night decan)

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When you say day, do you mean I should try to contact them during the day or what. And by Bime, do you mean Bune?
Please do not mind my lack of proper understanding yet. If there is a resource I can read all about this, I will be grateful if you share

Well it might be a way of approaching it the day demons are more powerful during invocation or evocation especially at noon. The night ones at midnight. But not necessarily, listen to your heart to find the right time for it

Bime and Bune is the same entity yes


I thank you for your help

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I strongly endorse Bathin.

Quality, subtle, yet sure results. I focused on his evocation keys and gazed at his sigil during parts of the trip that were a tad dicey. Cartel territory, the boarder, etc.

Kept me safe in the 2nd most dangerous city in the world.

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King Belial
King of MVP’s in my honest opinion