A Demon/familiar as a sexual fling

Hay ever-one, what I’m putting forward probably sounds out there even for this group, but hear goes…
Having a Demon/familiar as a sexual fling, astraly speaking not physically
And no! I’m not some desperado who can’t get a relationship in the real world who dreams up this kinda shit.
no its just more for curiosity’s sake, I mean could this be feasibly possible?
or even very dangerous
This might help anyone who might be contemplating this type of thing to their own determent.
We all know their is a real thing such as sex Magick, and in some magickal groups they practice demonic copulation as a form of ritual. not my cup of tea sorry :frowning:

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Succubus… Ask Lilith.

I’ve always seen Succubus as some kind of leeches, I’m probably wrong and biased in my opinion, but I don’t judge your desire. Astral sex feels incredible, many times I that I had sexual dreams I would wake up in my astral body with a beautiful female spirit ridding me, at first it was scary but I learned to enjoy it… I read that it was dangerous and I think I have “blocked” that, but dunno if it can help in other magickal topics bsides pleasure.

Anyway, you may want to contact a Djinn, I have fantasies of marriage with a Queen Marid or Queen Ifrit… for what I know, is possible… I don’t know if marriage with Djinn Royalty is possible, but at least with a “normal” Djinn it can be possible to form a relationship and it is said that they (Djinn women I’m talking) can have hybrid offspring… you may think I’m crazy but having interdimentional kindred has a big appeal for me. Specially if there is a plan to live forever, or at least learn to consiously reincarnate.

People that has bought Djinns please manifest!!! I evoke ya’all!!!

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succcubi et inccubi
asti lilitu carpiu dasu viel
Your own reality leeches you.

Read this.


And i the only One who is reminded of “Rape of the Archangels”?

Not anymore…

This is a good thread about it:

I recall Donald Tyson talking about this at length in his book Familiar Spirits, he says it is possible to use his method to create a sex familiar.

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Donald Tyson also has a book solely on sexual spirits.

Here is the title of that book along with one other by Tyson.

Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits

The book on sexual alchemy also includes historical reference material on relationships between spirits of different kinds and humans.

Liber Lilith: A Gnostic Grimoire

This book is supposedly a revealed text given to Tyson. I recommend reading it if you can pick up a copy if you’re interested.