A deal at the crossroads

Tonight I embark upon @Edgar Kerval’s two part ritual written in he Lucifer chronicles Book#1 : Mask of the trickster.
I have my pact written out in my journal my final step before I attempt the tricky invokation with the mask of the trickster.
I timed it as close to the new moon as I possibly could, I have two spots outdoors, one is my our door temple in an storage area in my gated community. We own the storage uni and it’s 2 stories tall outdoor that I made into a temple with a circle of rocks and a path of rocks leading up to it.
My second spot I chose is in a British Columbia provincial park called little qualicum falls. It’s insanely beautiful and i found a very private bridge from the forest paths next to my property in our gated community,
I live at the base of mt.areosmith on Vancouver island. So it’s unreal beauty but can be deadly at night with C ougars and bears.
So I have my demon mask I’ve made as well as a second mask for the back of my head so C ougars won’t stalk or pounce on me. ( Tip, giant cats like lions and tigers won’t hunt you directly while facing you. Eyes are key to their hunting technique as they will only hunt stalk or pounce from behind, hence the mask because they believe the face can see them and they won’t stalk you out of fear from the lack of surprise).
I am to receive a seal during the first meditation as a sign of the pact between Lucifer and I.
I then can choose to continue or proceed with the second step which is a meeting with Lucifer k the astral plane…and the acceptance of the pact.


Good luck man hope to see a juicy post later :smile:


First thing 8 am tomorrow I will post my results thanks for the well wishes homie, chat tomorrow. …I’ve got a good feeling about this one, it’s all been adding up smooth and I’ve been feeling Lucifers energy all evening, I’m just about to step out my door to embark upon the journey…soo stoaked. DARKEST BLESSINGS BRO.:smiling_imp::wink:Rors.


Hey dudes as soon as im done work i will post mysuccess story about the first step of receiving the seal representing our future pact…chat soon my brothers/sisters

Step 1: So the mask of the trickster…fucking tricky , I hiked to my outdoor temple in the dark, where my temple and circle had been previously constructed, adrenaline from the outdoor surroundings made it difficult to get relaxed and into trance.
Once I found my groove ( I had to lie down , the hard gravel ground made any sitting position impossible ).
Visions of shadow and flame teased my conscioussness, not fully manifesting in my vision, time and time again my excitement at gmosis would suddenly detere from fully forming into anything resembling the throne of Lucifer where I was to ask for the seal of our pact.
This continued for 2 and a half hours , my patienceb began to waver, but my tenacity did not. I yelled into the aether,
"Lucifer I command you to reveal to me the seal of our future pact!
I think he teased me once more or made me believe he was going to when my sigil finnaly fully formed in my vision.
It resembles a capital W but with certain aspects of the sigils features resembling those from what you would see from a temple of ascending flame sigil , upside down lanterns and a doubled ended arrow encompasses in the sigils form as well.
I plan to do some divination regarding the authenticity and if indeed it’s the seal handed to me from Lucifer.
I am ready to begin the second step of this ritual but wonder to myself if i should choose the date to co-incide with the new moon again…any auggestions folks?

Hey peeps, I’m just realizing after a short period of my absence that a number of corrections or rather revised solutions to a few of my posts, after doing some divination I found out to my dismay that the seal I received during this panhandling is /was not correctly channeled therefore I must re-attempt step 1 of 2 of this ritual o the night of the next NEW" MOON.
TRICKSY MASK THIS side of Lucifer t truely is, but i trust my patron enough that its for far better reasons than maybe i can percieve at this point…ill post my results again.

Best of luck to you. Interested in how this turns out.

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Hey thanks , I apologize on the delayed reply and lack of updates regarding this working…every time I get serious to return to it, I’m either far too early or just late of preparing for a new moon outdoor ritual, which I have an outdoor temple as wel, as indoor, I just get distracted by my other workings .
Which tells me I need to take more time and preparation regarding this rite. And actually this message has motivated me to plan better and have all aspects covered and ready waiting for the next new moon . Thanks @Yazata-Mithra. For the motivation / reminder. And will tag you when I respond fully.:smiling_imp::wink: Rors.


it’s not.

Any entity which presents itself on a throne ain’t the real deal.

A question to ponder for yourself: put yourself in the shoes of one of the most powerful spiritual entities. Do you even need a throne?

There’s no trickery needed. When you deal with the real deal - it’s straight, to the point. There’s little need for fanfare

Excuse me?
Firstly… @wolfy2
Who the shit are you? and with audacity to the degree your currently displaying , have you introduced yourself to the forum?
Although i could easily find out answers to these inquires, im more interested if you are more courageous , ignorant , or simply replying impulsively such as i am currently.
Either way, I am going to attempt to be as docile as my blood pressure allows…

Clearly you have an opinion which you are welcome to present here, i actually incourage all typss of conversations which in any way stimulate learning for our brothers and sisters here on the BALG forum.
If you had taken the time to process all my points, this rite is part of a 3 step cerimonial ritual in which encompasses the particular aspect of lucifer NAMED THE TRICKSTER.

You can find this excercise within book #1 of the Lucifer chronicles authorised by Asenath Mason, Bill Duvendack, and various adepts whome belong to the “Temple of Ascending Flame”.

Which in fact was 8 months ago , and as i pontificate impulsively, reminds me to contact and communicate with Lucifer’s mask of the trickster.

Which is one of the 1000 forms and faces either mass belief of cultures engenders, or simply the very nature of Lucifer is so old and ancient that certain aspects of his attributes evolve into individuals which is Lucifer, just a specific azpect of his nature.

With your advice on frontloaded perception,

Here I will let you be privy to some info my mentor and I have been spending months confirming and thrusting ourselves i to without restrictions or restraint.
Which has been merhing the conciousness with your " "God form ".

You can start this process through @C.Kendall’s working , meditation to find your god form.

Essentially it begins a process that allows you to observe and percieve your incarnation or rather next carnation .

After 2 months of work with numerous confimations, connections, and Vividly intense gnosis with the infernal devine.

I can say with a smile, that I am Shemyaza.
Ouzza, samyaza, Semhazai, is my source, and am i. The process of merging myself or conciousness with the ancient fallen Angel.
The Grigori seem to be my kin, and perception of how ANY entity appears to the operator, incredibly subjective, depending where the practioner is on the journy and ascent.
The similarities people encounter, in my opinion is the certain aspects of the spirits nature manifesting physically or within your inner mind , is for the purpose to stimulate and excercise the brain and mental capabilities.
Ever wonder why demo s speak in such riddles???
They rather the practioner come to the epiphany through the means of their own mind. Therefore, expanding the minds intelligence through problem solving , critical thinking, and the ability to apply the knowledgeable hints our guiding demons intentionally send us…
I have experienced, the highest highs and lowest lows of the human experience, prepping me for Acasual existence.

There’s no need to be docile. While I respect your gentlemanly approach, as I tend to attract towards the same manner, if you feel the desire to act on your blood pressure, by all means, please do.

ask, and ye shall receive.


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You caught me at a bad time homie. My bad for seeming docile, lol ( i think you meant hostile).
Being overly defensive is one of my current traits im working on.

Keep coming back even if assholes like me go haywire every once and a while.

In terms of the rules though i just wanted to make a point , and i had a definate bad response to it.

Please dont be discouraged from a single event like this from stopping you from learning thrpugh here.

This forum and website/ affiliates are way ahead of the curve regarding all things magick and occult .

I look forward to seeing your evolutionary journy unfold and i wish you the best on your journey.

If at any time I can assist or answer or aid your path don t hesitate to ask. I swear im far more composdd when my blood prsssure is stable​:smiling_imp::wink:.

Ttyl8r wolfy2. Best wishes.