A Curse/Spell I cast

I am going to do my best to explain this curse I cast on my ex. Before hand I will delve a little information so there can be some understanding. I doing this because I still do not fully understand how I got it to work with no rituals, just some hair and all the emotion inside.

A few years ago, a little over 2, my ex left me. This ripped my family apart, as we have two wonderful children who are still very young. For a while it was my daughter seeing me through the sadness. But eventually the sadness festered. It turned into hate. Hate became rage. Rage became fury. And I was, and still am, full of it.

One night as her and her new boyfriend (she started seeing him 3 days after leaving me, sleeping with him in what used to be my room 5 days later) where sound asleep, I went to the bathroom and found her hair brush. I removed the hair. I went back downstairs to the kitchen, as the kitchen is directly underneath that bedroom.

I focused all of my hate, all my anger, rage, fury, malice, and contempt into my right hand, the hand holding her hair. With my left hand I reached out to the ceiling, to the room above me.

While I do not remember the exact words I used, I will do my best.

I started out glaring at my right hand.

“Powers that be, spirits near me,
Four winds from North to South,
East to West,
Hear me now,
Bring aid to this broken man.
Bring (ex’s name) to her fate,
Bring her to her Karma.”

From here on out I focused entirely on the room above me, and my ex.

"May she never know peace.
May she never know joy.
May she never find work nor hobby,
May her children turn againsr her.
Let her life be full of sorrow and strife.
Powers that be,
Demons near me,
Take this woman and do as you will.
I care not for her.

i make mention of several violent, and sexually violent things here. Still being new, not entirely sure it is entirely appropriate to post it. But will gladly tell in a private message.

“Powers that be,
Spirits near me.
Powers that be,
Demons near me.
Take my hate.
Take my rage.
Take my fury.
Take all the negative and all the malice inside of me.
Take all this negativity and use it for your fuel.
Let her or any who try to remove this be met with only further bad luck. Let any attempts enrage you. May you take form and punish those who try. Every time exs name enrages me, let it cast this anew, let it stack like the weight of the world.
So mote it be,
So it is done.”

I used no ritual that I am aware of, and yet…it worked for a good long while. Her unborn son was born with health problems, her luck had shifted terribly, her new relationship was imploding, she felt like she was loosing her mind. And at some point her and/or someone tried to remove it because her best friend inexplicably got bad luck and almost ruined her relationship. And my ex was beginning to get attacked. Her and only her. Everytime she was in the bathroom something was grabbing her…forcefully.

Over the course of 4 weeks I recast this a total of 20 times, for every time she brought the rage back inside of me, fed me negativity. I have never cast using rituals or using spell books. What i described is how I typically cast, as I have never had a teacher and the area I live in, is very difficult to find others. I am still wondering not over the curse or spell itself, but how it or any of the others I have cast, have ever really worked, and hoping someone may be able shed some light.


Your intent was there; it was clear, and it was precise. That’s what did it.
Intent is, in my experience, the MOST IMPORTANT part of any working. curse or otherwise.
Hell, considering you did it a quite a few times, and had a set path of how the spells goes and of what you were saying and doing; I’d argue it IS a ritual. Some rituals I do are simply consisting of chants and maybe a sigil, no fancy tools all the time. What would you consider to be a standard ritual in this case?
It was improvised magick, which I’d also argue is one of the most powerful forms of the craft.
I do have a question: how physically drained did you feel after you did that ritual the first time?
EA Koetting says a lot of times in his videos about curses that the magician must be completely drained of all energy for a curse to have the best effect. The more energy you feed into the working, the bigger and harsher your results will be. I know this from experience.

I was beyond exhausted every single time. And I guess a ritual like what would be stereotypical as much as I have come across on the internet. But thank you, I appreciate the input very much!

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Sure thing! Creating constant power and forcing the emotion into it every single time is definitely what did it, I’d bet. Congrats on the successful working!

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Rituals are a formality and only help to direct an untrained mind’s focus through symbolism.

If youre focus and intent is there and your emotions are strong enough to charge it, spells/curse are easy to cast.

Even those without the knowledge cast involuntary curses on people often without knowing