A curse for someone to become isolated; good idea?

I’ve been having some trouble with this person for quite some time. I mentioned them before in this site, but never by name.

It’s a complicated situation. Basically I tried being friendly with them and then I started having a crush on them because I thought they were really nice. They didn’t want that kind of a relationship with me but they were friendly to me after I told them I my real feelings and I thought we were still friends. One day, they started lying to me and told me to go away and never text them again, even though I didn’t do anything that was different from the way they treated me and I didn’t advance on them, sexually or romantically. I tried to talk to them and touch them on the shoulder to make sure they’ll listen. They thought I was going to hug them and they ran away saying “I have to go to work, don’t talk to me anymore.” I was confused and furious, and I noticed they seemed to be having a better life than I could ever imagine. Originally I decided to do magic because I was afraid they might be trying to curse me (I poured boiling water on myself by accident before they shunned me that same day) but then I thought “what if I can fight fire with fire?” In other words, curse them to experience the same emotions I felt when they told me to go away without having a legitimate reason (or, if they did, which I have no idea, not telling me like a responsible person.)

I’m not sure if I want anything that is physically harmful to happen, because I wonder if that would be too suspicious, but I want to decrease or possibly eliminate their luck and cause hurtful feelings in their mind for a good amount to time. I know they have anxiety, so maybe I can curse them to have their symptoms increase in severity and have them loose one of their jobs. (Yes, they have more than one job, which is one reason I think they’re so fucking lucky. They also have many friends that I want to turn against them.)

Is this justifiable enough? I really feel like they didn’t pay the consequences of their actions and I have to be the one to tip the scales against them. And just to be clear, I’m not doing this out of jealousy. I’m doing this because I think they are a dangerous and hurtful person, and they are using their success, social status and religion to seem like a nice person when they aren’t.


You could try a revelation spell, to tear the mask of niceness away and to reveal the vilness beneath.


Just give em a little bad luck for a bit. I wouldn’t say the situation warrants a death spell or anything too extreme. Kisslamialilith has the right idea for sure.


I certainly don’t actually want to kill them, I agree that it would be too extreme (currently, at least). I think bad luck would be enough. I thought about making them fall ill for a week once but I decided against it since it would be too suspicious knowing that they are health-conscious to the point of following a strict diet.


That is sure to bring bad luck. I’ll try this, because I’m a bit surprised no one else who became close to the person suspects anything. Maybe they’ll be put in a situation where they will start to act poorly out of shock from something unsuspected (knowing their personality, I think that’s the key).


You can try the Two Minutes Hate ritual I came up with. You can easily modify it for your purposes.


Ooh I could use that , care to share details on how to do it?

Sure give me a sec and i’ll pm you

A bit of an update on the situation.

A few days ago, I cast the curse. I wasn’t able to observe them until today. The weird thing is everyone who was their friend was nice to me today, even inviting me to join their group…after the person I cursed had left relatively early. I noticed that the person that I cursed had a strange aura; usually their aura will feel to me like a poisonous, dark green viper-like sprawl of energy, especially if they looked at me directly. Today, though, they had a weak aura, still reminded me of green but… I also felt a strange dark blue color, as if they felt sad but were trying to hide it under a wide smile. The energy, although still sprawling, was limited, and didn’t take up the area it used to. We also glanced at our eyes for a millisecond in the crowd and I felt… despairing joy? It came from them. I projected a mix of fear and claustrophobia.

I’ll know eventually if the curse worked or not. I’m giving it another couple of weeks to manifest.


How did you go with the curse? Any update? I only ask because I am in a similar situation where someone won’t talk to me, has actually told me they hate me but won’t even tell me why?