A cryptic message from king paimon

“on the 8th shadow cast in the sun, plant the seed in the dead of night:There lies reliance. Hold fast to the silk thread, spun around the rings of the thimbles. The hand shall be bitten”

Hello, a few of us are working with king paimon. He sent a spirit a while ago that claims to go by the name of “Lott”. We see all the usual king paimon symbolism and he visited me himself before Lott had shown up.

Anyways, lott gave us this message and said he has a mission of retribution. Any ideas?


Update: may have solved the first part. The Roman calendar had 8 days.

Is this a message for only the people that are working with King Paimon? Or is this a message that was just for you? “The hand shall be bitten” feels like a warning of some sort. The saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. comes to mind. Someone you’re helping may turn on you? I don’t know :woman_shrugging:


I hate to go Tantric with this because it sounds perverted in a way. I speak of this only in a high magick since. 8th shadow cast could be what some consider the 8th chakra being in some paths the sexual organ. 1.crown 2. 3rd eye 3. Throat. 4. Heart. 5. Solar plex. 6 navel. 7. Waist-line. 8. Organ. Plant the seed (sperm?) in the dead of night. Hold fast to silk thread could be lifeforce. The hand shall be bitten, (by the snake). Now tell me you are female and watch my face turn red. Haha.


I didn’t know about the old Roman 8 day week. Honestly, I think an 8 day week makes more sense. It would be good if you could have five days work and 3 days rest. It would be awesome to be able to do things “every other day.” and not have to worry about the fact that what day you do things on would be different each week.
I remember making a calendar as a kid with 8 day weeks.

This is a good theory. In some esoteric paradigms the chakras are solar wheels, emanations from the divine masculine which is typically the sun deity. So the 8th shadow being cast could very well be the 8th chakra.

The thimble thing really confuses me. I think the thread likely represents binding or fate and the hand being bitten likely represents betrayal by someone the recipient is helping? This is my guess atm.


Even though I do have the gift of being able to very easily Channel, I typically trying not to channel King paimon just due to the simple fact that he speaks in so many riddles. His work is fast, powerful, and has a very long reach, but talking to the guy can be off-putting to say the least.

often, it isn’t what he says, but what he gives you. His words are simple window dressing, it’s what’s behind them, it’s what’s thoughts and feelings he implants within you that matter.

Try this, King paimon has always told me that meditation is the key, meditation is the key to access the recesses of your mind, and that I believe is where King paimon puts the knowledge that he gives you.

Good luck figuring out his message, I hope it does something amazing for you.

A tiny bit of advice.

Remember to take in the whole picture, see the forest for the forest, not just individual tree.
Look at the big picture. I feel that you were looking at things from too narrow of a point of view, take your head away from the microscope, and take a look at the rest of the lab.
Once you get done looking at the lab, step outside, see what’s around you, see the Earth in orbit around the sun, see the Sun as it spins to the Milky Way, see the Milky Way as it Rockets through the universe come and see the universe and its place among the many.

Then, condense all of that down to a point, see it in the center of the palm of your hand, and then look around you again. Become the infinite.


Thats some good advice. I’m gonna widen my scope a bit. Thank you

@SeekerofK, good night.

“Isaiah 38”

Behold, I will turn back the shadow cast by the declining sun on Ahaz’s clock ten degrees. Thus the sun receded the ten degrees that had already declined.

Isaiah 38: 8

Dear astrological reference … the eighth house of your astrological chart, for this reference that king Paimon makes about the eighth shadow comes from this text of Isaiah, and this verse is speaking veiledly about king paimon and the astrological houses which at that time were ten houses according to research. Possibly King Paimon is indicating to you that he interacts with box 8 of his astral chart, which may be retrograded by some influence. Find out who the eighth house planet is and know what it wants to interact with.
“Woe is the trust” …

Or who are you trusting at the moment? In it King Paimon, that is, you will find the way there in the eighth house that will be retrograde or negative.


Unenlightened space, either by the interposition of a rock
It can offer a nice protection against the hot sun. For this reason, it is figuratively said that one is in the “shadow” of what serves as protection, cover, security or refuge, or is sought as such.

“hold the silk thread …”

In Chinese, the word J? Ng is used to refer to the sacred texts that guide men on their spiritual path. This word is translated as classic, but its ideogram consists of two parts. One means “way,” and the other means “silk thread.”

Silk thread is produced by the larva of the Bombyx mori moth, which has been cultivated by the Chinese for some 5000 years. She feeds on mulberry leaves, and when the metamorphosis phase arrives, she begins weaving her cocoon. In two or three days she finishes this process, producing about 1.5 km of yarn. The wire is continuous, and has a diameter around 7 micrometers. To be used the larva has to be killed before completing its metamorphosis, because when it becomes a moth it breaks the cocoon and the threads that housed it.

These paths, from our point of view, are very tenuous, yet delicate and strong, like the thread of silk.

At the same time, we are beings in the process of metamorphosis. We spent a lot of time as larvae, living only to eat and grow in size, to the point where we have to move to a new phase, totally unlike anything we had ever known.

When this phase arrives, the silkworm’s larva begins to weave its cocoon. In our case, these threads are produced when we come into contact with these beautiful, engaging works that guide us down a seemingly tangled path that can actually be easily unwound when viewed from the outside (as it is done with silk, which is fully unwound until only the dead larva is left). These works not only lead us but also protect us, ensuring our safety as we go through our transformation.

In other words, hold firmly to the path of transformation that it will indicate, the thimbles are a reference to the chakras that are actually pyramids or thimbles, the fingers are references to the planets because each finger is related to a planet, so we return to the question of your birth chart.

“the hand will be bitten” …

clear reference to the kundalini energy, which is in our DNA, or possibly reference to the ritualistic gesture of cutting one’s hand to covenant if one then deduces that if you want to go where you want you should have a conduct of respect and obedience to King Paimon.
Hope this helps.


On the 9th day of the 9th month I knew something crucial would come to me.

Thank you very much for your wisdom I think this will help.

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