A crazy thing just happened

I recently played a video on YouTube that played an ambiance of what Hell sounds like. Crackling fire, screams of agony, the cries of otherworldly creatures, stuff like that. As I listened to the faint whips and wails of pain, I felt something in my left arm. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but there was a feeling of warmth in the center of my palm. Not only that, but I could’ve sworn that I caught a brief glance of what looked like a tiny blue or purple flame in my hand. Has anyone else ever had this experience?

Doesn’t really sound like it’s safe to assume the ambient noise and the energy movement were related.
Do you do any energy work at all?

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I have tried making psi balls a few times.

Psi balls require open palm energy points, as that’s where the energy flows from easily and naturally to create them. The points are called Lao Gung in Acupuncture.

I think your palms points opened as that’s exactly what that feels like. :slight_smile:

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So you think that’s what triggered it? Cool.

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