A Couple of Questions on Enochian Magick, and Angelic Evocation?

So I have been reading a book on enochian magick and it says you need a holy table, 5 way seals, 7 purified ensigns, a 24K gold ring of Solomon, a white robe, and a holy lamen.

This stuff looks super expensive, rare, time consuming and difficult to make to have it all.
I think I want to work towards having all that stuff but is there a simple way to start evocating angels in the meantime?

Also I hate to ask but what is the difference between evocation and invocation?

It seems like over the past however many months I have not seen a consensus on that matter, each new person has a new definition of the difference.

I have different methods to bring there presence. I find singing their names helps best.
What is the one where it is more hardcore? Where they come into you, you can talk with them and you may even get momentarily possessed? I want to do that one with them.


Mate, I’m sure others with more experience would be able to reply to the rest of your inquiry. Invocation is when you awaken / activate the entity within yourself. You are essentially possessed. Evocation is when you bring into manifestation the entity before you. The entity can manifest is pretty much any form. Invoke, is within yourself, evoke is outside of yourself.


Enochian angels are very different from other angels. They reside in a different relam to other angels and to evoke them requires certain criteria, such as the tables and squares, and conjurations in the Enochian language, that are not required for others, such as the more well known archangels.

If you want to start working with the Enochian angels while you gather the materials to evoke them, I recommend travelling the Aeythers. The book, The Lost Art of Enochian Magick by John DeSalvo, provides great meditations for this, and it also comes with a CD of the Enochian Calls for proper pronunciation.

Non Enochian angels can be evoked in a far easier manner. I, personally, use the same basic set up that I use for demons.

Damon Brand, of The Gallery of Magick, provides some original seals for calling upon angels in his books, though they are not Enochian angels.

While some people use invocation and evocation interchangeably, traditionally, invocation is calling the essence and power of a spirit within yourself, and evocation is the summoning of a spirit into physical manifestation externally to yourself.

Contrary to what @The_Wizard_Rudra said above, invocation is NOT possession, as the consciousness and personality of the spirit do not become a part of you. When you invoke, you are only calling upon aspects of the spirit, such as invoking the power of Mars for courage in conflict, for example. Unlike possession, the spirit’s voice is not in your head when you invoke. You are simply taking their power within yourself.

As far as I can tell, angels don’t really do the possession thing. That’s not to say they can’t, but more like they decline to do so. In my experience, they don’t have the desire to experience the physical in the same way the demonic do, and so possession doesn’t interest them.


What do you mean by…

And …

Are these realms or book stores or users?

Do you see what I mean though? It sounds like what you were saying was correct but I got kind of 2 different answers. Maybe I can make a post and we can all have a vote, lol it shouldn’t be this complicated. lol.

Anyways thanks I forgot about that, you are right if I am not mistaken, you can much more easily call other enochian stuff using those tablets. I hope they can provide me a way to get the ring. The table will be a bit of money, time and energy but that ring sounds scary expensive and tough to get, I was already turned down by one jewelry store.

Ooh can you please tell me more? That would be so helpful. What angels do you call? And what similar method do you use to call them that you do for demons?

And thanks for everything so far. :slight_smile:

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I thought I was pretty clear.

The Aethyrs I spoke of are the realms of the Enochian Angels. There are 30 of them.

The book I mentioned in my previous post, The Lost Art of Enochian Magick, gives a meditation for travelling to them.

Aleister Crowley detailed his experiences with the Aethyrs in his book The Vision and the Voice.

Damon Brand is an occult author. He is part of a group of occultists who call themselves The Gallery of Magick. He has some good books on non-Enochian angels.

My basic set up for the evocation of angels is the same as that which I use for demons. I set up a table and chair in the center of my Universal Circle, get into trance, open their seal and call them, using a variety of conjurations, or simply chanting their name.


If you’re interested in the story behind Enochian, John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv is a great book on the subject. It follows Dee’s spirit diaries, recounting his and Kelly’s communications with the angels and their geopolitical spelunking. It’s quite the tale, if you’re interested.

The book also has some images that may be helpful, such as the Watchtowers and the Lamen used by the Golden Dawn. The author also suggests Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette, but I haven’t read the book or practiced the system myself.

If Enochian appeals to you now then by all means explore it, but if you’re interested in more practical results then I’d say Damon Brand’s books are more up your alley, in my opinion at least. There is great potential for spiritual development in the Gallery’s works, but above and beyond all else they are practical. You may also find that they grant you the more “hardcore” experiences that you are looking for after some practice, with both angels and demons.


72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand is where I’d start. That and Archangels of Magick by the same author.

No supplies needed besides the book and EXTREME power when done properly.

I’m pathworking their entire system and …it’s cut an enormous portion from my learning curve in getting real world results.

A lot of their spells need to be done multiple days in a row (72 Angels requires 11 consecutive days where you call to the angel) yet the Archangels book only requires 1 calling and has a Divination ritual as well as methods of invocation, evocation, combined talismans to work with multiple Archangels at the same time as well as personal sigils of each Archangel that are sort of a “quick fire” when something simple is needed. I use it all the time and it’s great