A cool little trick

…for those of you who are interested in Kingdoms of Flame.

A while ago I was in talks of purchasing a Table of Practice ala “The Arte of Drawing Spirits into Crystals”. The artiest who I commissioned is also himself a practicing magician and while talking about the different designs of a T.O.P. we started kicking around the idea of using the Seal of the Sorcerer from KOF as a T.O.P. for the spirits of that book.

I even made one…then promptly forgot about it when life got busy.

A few days ago I was contacted by a user who wanted me to confirm some things that Thalos had told him. I, in the midst of packing to move to Seattle, just happened to know right where my SOS was.

So I gave it a try, and it worked. I was able to evoke Thalos and report back to the member here. I was able to correctly ascertain how many time the member contacted Thalos (That was the test to see if I had made contact) and then get some advice to give the member to help them with their Soul Travel operations.

So it looks like the SOS is one very versatile tool to be used with KOF.

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