A Connolly herbs

Hello I have a doubt.
I have bought some books from s.Connolly that I’m planning to do some spells from it but is imposible for me to get some of the herbs for example I can’t find hemlock, mandrake, mullein .etc …. Can I use any substitutes ? Is there a way I can actually ask her ?

Hemlock is a plentiful weed in most places, so it shouldn’t be too hard to scavenge some “in the wild”.

You’ll probably have to buy it online.

You can get mandrake from Amazon or Etsy.

You should be able to get Mullein at the mercado [gordolobo]


I think it’s fine and appropriate to substitute herbs native to your region. You could do this by looking at the magickal properties for the herbs, and using local herbs with the same properties.

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs should be a decent source with enough herbs that you can work out substitutes that work for you. Or, Culpepers Complete Herbal. Something like that.

E.g., Hemlock is cold and anti inflammatory, so you might be able to substitute other cooling and anti-inflammatory herbs, maybe Green Tea, Rosemary or Cardamom. Or maybe you’re interested in the planetary association for the plant, which as a poisonous plant is (probably, not certain) pluto, so other plutonic plants would work. It depends on your working as to what you want.

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Mullein is easy it’s pretty much at every highway roadside but telling it this time of year would be tricky.

Maybe try shopping it at Etsy, Amazon or even Richters Herbs (the do do mail order). Worst comes to worst you buy the seeds and grow it yourself if you can’t buy it. For seeds there’s also B & T world seeds. I bought from them once I think. You can get virtually any kind of seed there. I’ve bought from richters more often (many’s and seeds both but for something like mandrake or hemlock you’ll likely have to grow your own and I don’t think that’s one they carry so B&T are probably your best bet seed wise). Plant and dried cut herb wise you might check out witch stores voodoo stores and hoodoo stores online too.

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Thank you all for the help !!!

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