A Connection With Apep (Apophis) With Weird Choice

Today I called up Apep. I just needed help with a title for myself (I wont say much yet, I just like having titles). It was much like scanning as i was not in deep meditation. I saw a serpent riding the winds as he sailed toward a mountain. He slithered around said mountain and then came down and stood over me. He was solid black and had striking red eyes. He was also in the form of a cobra. He is very stand-offish and rude, although I expected him to be like that, and im glad he was.

One thing I had asked that I remember well was I had just asked him to me. He said “Well…what do you want?” I was still in shock over seeing him, so i didn’t answer him right away. He then said “Answer me!” Which I then asked him all my questions. Something to note is that I did not hear anything. It was almost like i FELT the answers, so Im a bit confused about that.

The three titles were “Tribune of Control” “Count of peace” and “Captain of Peace”
Im more than likely going to use the “Tribune Of Control” but since two others talked about peace and one spoke of control, I feel this is something of a bigger choice than just a simple title. this was the weird choice.

All in all, I feel I could work with Apep again and speak with him. Any input on anything from this would be great. I feel communication of happenings no matter how small help sorcerers get new insight. So im all ears about everything you have to say.

Apep is not someone you should summon for very basic needs. Only do so if you plan on working with him full time.

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