A confusion with a spirit and me

So ever since my parents separated, i went into the best kid you could ever had into the worst(in primary school). During my 6th year on this world, i somehow got into contact into a spirit (i have always believed in all kind of supernatural stuff ) I feel like it is a he…sort of like a father figure but at the same time he feels sort of feels like a twin or a brother. Those wet dreams (only for a few times 6 or 7 times) i think i have met him 2 or 3 times (cuddles for 2 times and sex for once or more i think…memory is fuzzy, sorry)

He seems like observe me…he does give me love…fatherly/ lover love tbh. He (i dont know his name, he keeps almost everything to him) i have done a letter of intent to Lilith for a incubus and idk do i know have 2 or just 1 demon/spirit in my life. I think he is somehwhat a god but also not. he really want me to guess and that is starting to annoy me but LMAO. idk about him much .

Long story short…is it possible that it saw me and came into my life or did someone assign him to me?

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I have similar probs lol with mines :joy: