A Confession to Myself

So I wanted to type this out for myself and maybe some others. I’ve been studying a lot on this site and learning a lot which I am so grateful.
I have a belief in magick and your experiences but then there comes something that bothers me a lot. I’ve never proven anything to myself, I have no results I can really share.

Let me go off of that, I’ve posted about my experiences with feeling something or sensing something but nothing put that yet. I’ve never gotten a real-world effect only feelings.
Like I have done “Text me spells” but nothing has come from it, call upon entities but no results (with that my astral senses are more of my problem but still), and have tired spells I found that haven’t done anything (Maybe they were reliable but still just getting my story across)

yet I still have a drawing towards it, is still believe it as true because the feelings I’ve had are unexplainable but manipulation in the physical world enough to solidify its existence has not happened.

So why have I made this post? Well, I wanted to ask if anyone else was like me? If they had no self-proof but believed in it and how long did it take them to get that proof. Or are their people just like me atm? Just wanted to hear from you all because it gives me a sense of motivation.

Thought I’d get this off my chest, Thanks for reading my ramble