A common issue I've seen

One thing I have noticed over the years is alot of people who believe in the paranormal and occult tend to have very wrong ideas about it. In alot of ways they are at least as damaging to this as people who don’t believe in it at all. Take the below post for example.


While there are many differing opinions in this, I personally feel all of them are pretty flawed. all these people may have different views then that of the mainstream, but they aren’t actively trying to seek out what the truth behind this actually is, or if they are they seem to be doing so with a pre conceived notion of what the truth is which will ultimately taint the result of what they find.

And then there’s guys who think little richards is hiding a demon in his fro


Well I would 't expect too much logic from the David Icke camp. A lot of those guys take what he says as fact without ever doing any research themselves or have any experiences to base their opinions on. What you end up with is a giant circle jerk of guys regurgitating Icke rhetoric and validating each others baseless opinions.

I read a couple of his books Tales of the time loop and Children of the Matrix and they were both pretty much the same book with different covers. I did enjoy his views on consensus reality and vibrational theories but thats about it. Nothing I’ve experienced with the occult even comes close to what Icke proposes. Icke finds that one percent of any group with the most outlandish stories and reports them as if they are the standard. He doesn’t show the people who practice and have a normal life because that doesn’t sell books or further his agenda.

His views on extraterrestrials is a bit much for me as well. I do believe something big is going on behind the scenes involving them but I don’t take what Icke says seriously. I can at least respect someone like Jim Marrs opinion as he gives facts or directs one where to look to dig deeper. He doesn’t attempt to try to make you believe anything just presents facts that allows one to think for themselves.

I could be screwed now because so much crazy stuff on occultism, like joining some orders that will vampirize their members, etc…

Or wasting lot of years or lifetime in “RHP” orders and so on…

I guess we can consider our selves kind luck in this point.

IMHO, magic isn’t an end in itself but a system by which we can try to understand, or at least try to try to understand the universe from a subjective point of view.

much like mainstream science, magic serves a number of roles from ancestral nature worship (i.e, paganism in its various forms) to the “applied spirituality” of our era, with the end of ascent and material manifestation. much of what we take for granted today came from the golden dawn, but the only objective truth in the universe is the subjective truth we accept for ourselves.

this may sound like a weak argument, and no doubt, a certain degree of objectivity exists, but any phenomenon which we call objective, when witnessed by a million people, is only objectively real in that it exists as a million different subjective experiences. i suppose the old riddle of the sound of one hand clapping could be used to sum it up. i’ve been thinking about this of late (rather coincidentally), and i’m puzzled by the notion that if nothing in the universe existed (not even an electron), and the universe itself was indeed truly infinite (which i don’t believe it is), and we were flying through space as the only thing in existence, would we really be moving at all? without another object, particle or ray of light, how can we say if we are moving if there exists nothing toward which, or away from which to move?

this excludes the phenomenon of acceleration/deceleration of course, which would impart inertial force and therefore prove that motion were taking place, but at a constant theoretical velocity, the puzzle still holds. and yes, the speed of light limitation would be another point where the model falls apart, but that’s getting all too literal for the time being.

i don’t discount others’ perspective of reality, however you want to define it, but i can’t believe or trust in any given thing until i’ve integrated it subjectively within myself. once it’s a subjective reality, i’m open to the possibility that it exists as an objective phenomenon. of course, i still learn from documentaries and wikipedia, so it’s not like i go about my day consciously testing every little thing, but in terms of philosophy and magic, i believe first-hand experience is necessary not only to understand, but also to make something “real” or objective in the first place.

kind regards, james.