A comment for E.A

E.A. ,

My name is Wayne and I need to say this to you…Your my hero! The work you do and the honesty you have is awesome and refreshing. Thank you for all you do. I watched a video with you and you said this, " Are you a slave or a master." That got to me and made me think, I will not be a slave anymore. I have studied Atlantean witchcraft with Mark Allen Smith for about 3 years, plus I am a priest of an Essene order but we are the Dark order. I also am having my book published by page publishing of New York, its titled Lucifer’s Orchard. I am writing a book now on a system of Gnostic Witchcraft and all of this is because of you. I would love to work with you in the future on promoting your works as well as books, yours and mine, but even if that did not pan out, your still my hero! Also if you need me , I am behind you and your legal troubles, I know you are very well protected but I will also do dark rites along with you. Thank you for everything!