A comment about success rates to remember when you fall

I see a lot of people discouraged about this, I’ve had a metric shit ton of pms about my success rate with a particular system, being way higher than the 50% chance the author touts. Everyone’s trying to figure it out if it’s because I’m doing my own thing with the system or if it’s just easier for me or making it up or what.

Here are my thoughts on success rates-be it you’re new, experienced, or in a rut:

If I was an author- and I hope to be one some day way down the road when I have many more experiences-(and an editor because grammar and me. Meh.) is that I wouldn’t be too high and Mighty about my personal success.

No one likes a bragger who can’t relate to normal people.
No one is going to buy a book you say has a super high manifestation rate, because of you look around this forum, the average person gets 50/50 anyways.

The more adept, naturally the higher the success, but you don’t control who buys your book. You don’t know whether they are on their first ritual or their 1000th. You don’t know what spirits they work with, you don’t know if their energies meld with the current or conflict with it.

The best you can do is hope they hit the board somewhere along the same lines as everyone everywhere doing all sorts of magic- roughly half the time they push the odds in their favor.

When you consider the reality that their request without magic might only have. 5%, a 10% or even a %30 chance of happening without your system… well their odds are already looking better.


Oh I forgot. I truly believe:

Some of us come into this world with gifts and this path seems to come natural if it easy. - of these some of us can choose to walk this path or not. Others do not have a choice they simply cannot climb out of the rabbit hole.

Some us come into this world without gifts, but we are able to learn and develop said gifts with dedication, discipline, the right guidance etc.

Some us come into this world without gifts and we aren’t able to develop them or learn them.