A chat with Belial regarding his tests

Tonight I had a very strange encounter with Belial. It happened minutes ago and I believe he wanted me to share it. Not to share a message but more like because he wants me to write it down and to not forget it.

For the past few weeks I was quite stressed out and I felt like I hada burnout today from being overworked. I figured I needed to meditate and clear up some things in my head, namely where I am at in my life right now and regarding my relationships.

As I sat down to meditate I began to chant Belial’s enn for no reason, it just felt so right and it was so relaxing. The moment I closed my eyes I felt a thousand cold blades running down my back and I knew Belial was here to observe me. As I sat down he began to speak to me, asking me what do I even want to achieve with this. I answered that I wanted to clear my head and to come up with a few ideas regarding my future plans. I told him I am stressed out but despite that I enjoyed the struggles I am going through and I welcomed them with open arms. Belial found that incredibly amusing and the vibe I got off him was something like sarcasm and satisfaction. And then he revealed something to me;

“You enjoy it because I unmade you and because I broke you. I destroyed your engagement and all of your relationships afterwards. I cursed you with lust that brought that upon you. I caused you all the betrayals and gave you a job that almost killed you. I destroyed all your spells that you’ve cast and thought you failed. The only ones I allowed you to accomplish were the ones you truly needed. I gave you women others can only dream of and snatched them from you. I gave you all this pain to remake you. And everything has led you to this point. The point where I can reveal this to you. I am not giving you the hardest battles because you are my greatest soldier. I am giving you the hardest battles to remake you. And now you have finally learned it. Did you think you could avoid pain by scrawling runes on a piece of paper? Or by grovelling before Lucifer or that Duke? I made you fight for everything you have without shortcuts and I will make you fight more.”

I asked him, ordered him in fact, to at least give me two weeks with someone to rest. Belial made no promises and warned me not to order him. He only said he would consider it. Then I told him to stop treating me like a puppet or a pawn but a human god that I am. I accused him of lying about all of it for I did not pray to him until years ago when I really needed help.

"You are not my puppet or a pawn. You are not my plaything. You are clay and I will remake you into something great. I lie to many and make them believe that they are my children when in fact they are weaklings and fools. But you are different. You have finally seen it and softened enough for me to remake you. You want your dynasty and I will give that to you, for I have need of it. And forget that girl of yours. She is my child as much as you are. And I have other plans for her.

There was no malice between us upon learning that. Belial ripped away everything and everyone I ever loved, my girlfriends, my friends, even my country. The pain, as excruciating as it was, was for my best. It reforged me from a sorry excuse of a human being to what I am now. I guess this is how he “tests” those who pray to him. He does not bring pain down upon you at once but bit by bit. Indeed, not everyone survives for sure. Probably not at least. Or perhaps they do, they just haven’t found the way to survive yet.

Despite what he took from me he gave me back far more than I could dare to dream 15 years ago. I dread the pain that is coming but on the other hand how can I not welcome it? Belial truly is a great god and through his flame the world will be reborn.