A channeled aspect of Set in the Moon

Hello all, today we got the summer solstice and tomorrow a full moon…
I recently began revisiting the Temple of Ascending Flame book “Set : the Fury of Egypt”.
I got the idea to try a Set mantra and was feeling a channeled night. Here are some notes from it.

  1. Try combining the “'set’ting red sun of Set” and fist of Set to the North from PGM rites
  2. Try black light cleansing on all the 7 main chakras then rainbow then red

-Aligned body lounging in a chair with the moon towards the South
-Began chanting 'Tangaros Tangaros Xeper Tangaros ( with really long syllabels and trilled ‘r’ )
-Almost immediately some guy pulled up in a large truck yelling “Johnny’s a little bitch, Johnny’s a bitch, I’m
gonna fuck him up etc…”
-Resumed chanting
-More people left their houses and came outside
-stopped chanting for a moment and felt desire to figure out how to eat the moon
-Cop car pulls up and starts patroling with bright lights on
-Resume chanting, distracted by someone again immediately
-Resume chanting yet again with unfocused eyes, see two lightning flashes to the East
-recall what a planetary spirit (forget which) said about wearing the sun and the moon on the eyes
as unbreakable will and cycles of action
-Feel glad and kind of suprised that I even made it to this point in life
-Resume chanting again, another immediate distraction
-Hear the machine factory noises, crickets, gazing at Moon, it feels like a beautiful moment
-Get the feeling to imagine a white (moon-ray color) triangle/pyramid superimposed on the moon in my mind’s eye, point on top
-Moon now gets brighter seemingly in affirmation
-Get the feeling to now imagine a larger white triangle/pyramid surrounding the outside of the moon, point down
-The smaller triangle is inside the moon, the larger triangle surrounds the moon and smaller triangle
-The face of Set now appears in the moon and with how it is lighting up the clouds, I feel his/it’s presence
-A larger third white triangle now appears in my mind’s eye surrounding the smaller two traingles, point up
-Each syllable of Tangaros now corresponds to one of the three visualized triangles.
-Tan smallest triangle on inside, Gar middle triangle point down, Ros largest traingle point up
-Focus on each traingle while verbally drawing out each syllable
-Xeper then becomes the communion give/receive phase with the moon
-Set laughs it’s an otherworldy laugh ‘here I am hidden in the moon’
( whenever Set communicates with me its always with an otherworldly voice/sound and no words but a telepathic idea communication superimposed on the otherworldly sounds )
-Get the feeling that this is a basic exercise that should be practiced often to create a siddhis and more info
to expand this gateway will come at a later time
-With the final chant of Tangaros after Xeper the triangles are visualized in reverse order starting with the largest inwards
-Continued this for a bit, start to see/feel the moon bleeding
-I’m now drinking the blood of the moon with the Xeper communion phase
-After some time begin to feel like the entire sky/heavens are now bleeding for me and I’m drinking it
-Get filled and never felt so close to the moon before, it was pulling me into it and vice versa
-Intend to keep trying this whenever the moon is visible in the sky
-Feel like there should be something similar for the Sun, when it is either rising or setting ( haven’t tried it yet ) likely with an inverted triangle pattern from the one here for the Moon