A Casino

I have just been thinking someone should buy a Catholic church in a Catholic community the one that go to that church for mass right, now what you go and do is put a sign up and it say Catholic church closed for renevations, all parishioner go to another church okay now the next step is go and take out all the seats right then go to a place were can go and purchase casino equipment 2 craps table, a roulette table, a baccarat table, 5 black jack tables, and pokie machines, too up, and a bar to serve alcoholic beverages, brothal out the back, a forbidden Golden calf made out of solid 24 carat Gold from the profits sitting on the alter, the open the door for business for all those Catholic parishioners to return to the Catholic church for mass to gamble on holy days.:grinning:


“i’ll make my own church! with blackjack and hookers!”