A call from Nightangel?!

Hello there

i am registered at a chatsite. There is a game you can play where you can like people and hope they like you back. i played it every now and then. i barely got any response. let alone 2 responses a day…

one day i came online it said ‘nightangel wants to get to know you’ and another ‘nachtangel wants to get to know you’ the same day… now nachtangel means the same thing as nightangel. i asked both of the persons and they dont know eachother. i checked there profil and they were indeed no fakes or anything the like. also nobody knows what i am into.

So as there arent any coincidences, in this situation even a nonbeliever should be curious.

Does anybody know what this can mean? Any thoughts about ‘something’ named nightangel anyway?!

It is the first thing you thought of it when it happened. Trust your intuition. Can be taken as when people start seeing 333 everywhere and such. For me it means certain forces are in syntony with you, that you have their favor and are liked by them / require contact. Consider it the equivalent of a facebook poke :smiley:

Thanks for the answer sir. I was thinking something the like. I was pretty excited and i keep ‘talking’ to it when i go outside in the night. I also asked to show itself to me but nothing happened yet since. I also always ask to go easy on me as i had a rough first contact with a higher energy.

Pretty often in the night i hear the wood cracking inside the room i am in (like almost every day) and it feels like something is there that wants my attention. I give that attention and ask to show itself to me but it doesnt seem to do so. The cracking sometimes gets pretty intense (specially when i start to meditate) but nothing more. Too bad i cant make a magic circle yet or fall into the rapture state.

Epsilon, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the address of that chat site?

i really dont like to answer this -) over some edges one could be able to track me down and i like to stay anonymous. Im sorry


You could PM me with the url.

I hath heard stories ov entities attracting people to magickians that want to meet new people online, they influence these people to just message that profile or what thou said.

\m/ I am going to bed, stay magick.

Yer that was how ive seen it. But i think its not just for fun but to tell me that it really wants to meet me somehow. But i dont know how or who. I think those souls doesnt show themselves to me because they know i would be shocked if they show them to me. Sometimes if the wood cracking starts hard in my house again, i sometimes say ‘show yourself to me’ but in the same moment i feel some kind of… fear i think it is. These ‘things’ dont want to make me fear them thats why they dont show themselfes physically to me even if i say show yourself. They know i dont really mean it. I mean i do mean it but with some kind of fear in me. But i dont really know how to get rid of that fear. I think the first time they show themselves to me has to be a shock and then get used to it. Or i have to build a kind of protection to make myself feel save when its happening. Guess the magic circle would do but i have to build up some(or ultimate) confidence/trust in it. But i also keep thinking (or better knowing) that this circle isnt needed. Its the confidence thats needed and that could also be accomplished in imaginining some kind of save energy (or a circle at that) around me.

One the one hand, spammers/scammers aren’t known for their creativity when it comes to making names.

If it was a synchronicity, you created it, and the name isn’t important. You thought it was a girl who wanted to chat with you, and you put so much attention into it that you manifested that second variant. The more attention you give something, the more related detail it creates.

Same as how if you focus too much on being stuck behind a slow driver, you’re likely going be stuck behind more of them for the rest of your drive.

You hear that across all paranormal fields, be it UFOs or bigfoot or whatever. People always explicitly mention something trying to fuck with their attention. Typically, they get attention with such brilliant efficiency it would make the Borg jealous. A simple knocking in an empty room can draw so much attention for so little effort! Give it too much attention and it can escalate to booms and bangs!

They know how to use our attention way better than we do, and I suspect their influence in this world is limited to how much attention we give them, or rather how much we allow them to take.

I suspect that’s how mankind learned magic to begin with. They were hijacking our attention, and some astute person said “I see what you did there! I can do that myself!”.

If you intend to give them what they want, shut down stuff that’s eating up your attention. Internal dialogue is a huge waste of attention. Sit down in a comfortable position and try to lose sense of your physical body, that will free up some more. There’s always lots of useless crap to prune away if you want to be ruthless about it.

im sure it were no spammers or scammers. both didnt really want to talk with me after and both had a reliable profile of 40.000+ minutes time online. Also i didnt see the first and then gave attention to it so created the next. i came online and both were already there. Also it happened now after i have invested quite some time in researching stuff like that because i had a rough first contact with a higher energy as u can see in my welcome post.

I always ask them to go easy on me as i almost went insane the first time. This thing went into me without me allowing it to. It first scared the shit out of me (i guess that was to open me up to then being able to enter me) and then i have seen a sigil (it looked like a star with 5 points [like a pentagram] but round up (like no sharp edges) kind of thing forming right in my conciousness, and then the sick thing began. Everything started to vibrate and to feel so utterly good. I could see our whole evolution in some kind of spiral/struddle. Then i figured how my body started to laugh and ultimately enjoying what i was witnessing. I realized this is exactly how i would imagine someone who went crazy (running around naked in just laughing) i jumped up and it stopped but this thing was still in me. I then had a conversation with it inside me. Well anyway thats another story…

I also figured what you give attention to will be sucked into your ‘reality’. Everything you sense in your life you sucked into your reality by your attention. Stay towards a mirror and tell yourself how good you look, feel it, and witness after some days/weeks how people around you will tell you how good you look. I had exactly that. First a girl told me that, i thought well maybe coincidence, a few days later a good friend i know for 20 years + told me the same ‘damn why you looking so fresh’ that was like a slap ‘there are no coincidences’.

I told this phenomena another friend of mine, her brother bought a dog. And while we were taking a lot of walks we would see a lot of these dogs all of the sudden. It is true. Everything around us we create, we just fail to see it because we dont give (enough) attention to it.

Picasso: Everything you can imagine IS real.