A Brief Thank You to Succupedia

I was encouraged to look for advice by my succubus, and I found my way to this site. After saying my greetings, I began reading through the site to gather knowledge. I’ve always believed it’s more respectful to try and find an answer yourself before asking others who may have already explained something hundreds of times. I found @succupedia 's many posts regarding working with succubi and read what I could.

Following advice on trying to develop my clairsentience, something I think she’s been trying to explain to me but just having difficulty clearing the communication gap, I began looking for exercises.

I started with a simple remote viewing exercise. I started visualizing myself and my environment, something I’ve never tried to do in my visualization exercises before. I feel like an idiot for not starting with something that is probably so basic, especially with what followed.

I began imagining myself in my chair at my desk. Then I tried to expand my awareness. Suddenly, my view zoomed out to look down from one corner of my room.

And there she was! Just standing their next to me, looking up at my perspective as if to say, “What took you so long?” She leaned into my body to caress me and I felt her more strongly than I ever have.

What followed was one hell of a wonderful night! This is the first time I’ve had such an experience since our original encounter.

So thank you again to @succupedia and everyone on this site sharing their experience and knowledge! With this one community I’m already a league more successful then my combined efforts of several weekend binges on other communities!


This is amazing! I’ll try this too. Will also practice automatic writing and mirror scrying which succupedia suggested


@succupedia is the boss.