A break from all things Magick

Per Lady Eva’s advice, due to my chronic skepticism about magick, I have been taking a break from it for a while. I have just been living life and seeing where the path leads me. I am not giving up on the idea that magick may be real. I am just trying to determine whether it is a good use of my time in light of my goals and in light of the deep seated skepticism which is said to be the death knell of all magickal endeavors.

So far I am not missing it. Mainly, I think, because I didn’t have any success with it to begin with. I do miss the “hope” that it gave me, but I am finding that I have a similar feeling of hope in the possibility that my brain and hard work will produce a better life for me.

I may try to pick magick back up at some point. But I honestly don’t ever see it working for me because of my skepticism. Without the suspension of disbelieve, it will be constant futility. But even if I could get rid of my skepticism, I just don’t believe that magick “functions” in the way that I initially thought. My mind is oriented very scientifically. And that is what I was looking for. For example, a meat grinder will always chew off a person’s hand if they stick it into its teeth. All the amount of “positive thinking” or “disbelief in the grinder” will not change the result in any way. In magick, though, the ceremonies (i.e. the “grinder” in my example) have no inherent power apart from the operator. I have not been able to manufacture within myself any interest in that type of procedure. It just isn’t in me.

So for now, I’m letting it go. I will be on here from time to time as my interest waxes and wanes. But for now I am conceding that magick is not a good use of my time.

i’m with you on this one.

my advice to you is…chk your PM.

Thanks. I wish that I could believe. Just imagine the torment my skepticism caused me when I was a Christian…

Before you leave,may I simply request that you peruse this website a bit:

It is far from good,but it can be useful.I don’t argue with skeptics nearly as much as I should be,but whenever I do so,I use what can be found there,and in a wide variety of other places.

Ultimately,I could put a curse on you,and then simply undo the whole process,and that would surely get you to believe.

But I’m not going to do either,because forcing your views upon other people is the work of the Right Hand Path person,and we are sooo not right hand path.We,as people who value freedom,individuality,and power,are not going to force our views to believe in magic,or disbelieve in magic,upon anyone in our world.This is also part of the reason why I always play Devil’s advocate in any debate between skeptics and believers.It’s simply a much easier role to assume.

Blessings and giggles upon your journey.

I will check it out Arcane. I truly appreciate you putting up with my foolishness. I am a tortured person in many ways… And thank you for not cursing me. I am serious. I have enough reverence and respect for the power that most of you wield on here to not want to be a victim of it. How do I reconcile that with my doubt? I don’t know. I think that I am more so doubting my own ability to overcome my own mental hindrances. But I won’t give up entirely. It would help my faith if someone used their power to bring a specific, pre_stated positive blessing into my life (instead of a curse, ha) that could not be easily chalked up to coincidence…

You have to follow your heart, and if your heart’s not in it, let it go - there are plenty of other ways to get an edge in life. Life’s too short! :slight_smile:

To some extent your post reminds me of the saying “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”… you’re not letting yourself hear it (no offence intended) because it’s not what you expected it to be.

But whatever, as Arcane explained very well, as LHP magicians we have no brief to “convert” people, and I think you’re probably making the right choice at this stage.

If you believe the grinder is old and shitty and could break at any moment, that would do the trick. It’s what you focus on.

I’m not saying that I won’t ever get back into it. But right now it’s not the correct tool for the task at hand.