A bottle of alcohol as offering?

I’m seeing lots of posts about offerings but i was wondering…
what if you want to offer a good, expensive bottle of alcohol to a deity,
What is the best way?
Pooring out or burying seems so incomplete in some way or another…


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Really good topic, I highly approve. Now, Im not a drinker(taste of alcohol makes my stomach toss), but my experiences have been two methods working. One, offering a shot/glass and leaving it for them to draw energy off of, or Two, sharing the drink with them as you ingest it so they can siphon the energy through you. As i said Im not too into alcohol, so just keep that in mind


Good to read! ^^
But what if you specifically want to offer a bottle, a rather chique and expensive bottle for a business deal (in my case, an offer for Asmodeus), a good brand of whisky, or rum or anything…

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Not all demons accept alcohol as offerings remember that. A shot glass is good but a big glass of scotch might really do the job :wink:


Did you try using the search function before asking? This question has been answered before.

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Oh yes i did, many topics.
But since there are so many things on offerings i must have missed out on this one.
Sorry for this

How about drink just enough alcohol to have it in your blood ( NOT getting drunk to the point of being dangerous to yourself or others.). Just enough to have it in your system and THEN ask the spirits, Demons, Angels, Parasites, Dead People, etc. into you and to take the alcohol in you and yourself as an offering to them, to be with you 24/7.
Just, one possibility. And, if you want to go further with the alcohol and get drunk, then that is your choice. Hmmmmmmmmm, I should pay attention to that last statement RIGHT NOW. YES you read this right.


I always wondered if they should be poured on the ground

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I have noticed how the ammount of about half a shot glass poured into a big glass (so there is a bigger surface) evaporates within days. This evaporation - to me - seems like the best and most logical way.

I often give alcohol to the spirits. Usually, if it’s a whole bottle then I uncap it and leave it there for them to consume. If it’s not a whole bottle, then I pour it out for them in a glass. Azazel once showed me that they do actually drink the essence of it, just like we drink the liquid.