A blockage of some kind

Whenever I’ve tried to reach out my abilities there always seems to be a wall of some kind, it looks exactly like bulletproof glass. I’ve had a few people take a look with differing answers, for example: I’m cursed, past life issues, beef with a deity, the list could go on and on.

I know I have abilities, because they’ll work unintentionally and I’ll go places in my dreams, or affect the energy and mood in a room. Even simple stuff like energy balls I can only do on blue moons.

Any ideas on a more definitive answer or solution? I’ve tried asking my friends in dark places but can’t hear their answers 95% of the time.

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a road opener spell or blockage buster spell should help you figure this out! If you can’t get the ready made oils or herbs use any citrus available to you on a candle. While it burns visualise the wall breaks and feel your self walking a clear road.

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I’ll give it a go, thanks :grin: