A black mirror

As I understand it we can do evocations using a black mirror (or probably really any shiny dark flat surface that acts like a mirror would work too). I want to try to learn this way for the simple reason that it’s currently more practical than working with a good deal of incense smoke. Anyone have any idea where to get such a thing? I’m assuming I would pretty much need to buy one from some online store. I would have no idea at all how to make something that would serve the purpose.

When doing evocation using a black mirror where do you put it in relation to your ritual set up. Not inside the circle I would think. Anywhere in the room in the proper direction for your target entity? How to you folks work with these mirrors?

You can buy any picture frame, paint one side of the glass black, and then turn the unpainted shiny side towards you, and put the frame back together.

I’m experimenting with some “words of power” I was given that need to be ON the black mirror - so I drew them in Tippex pen on some jet black paper and framed that like it was a photo. :slight_smile:

This week’s Monday Post has a VERY elaborate (and not without risk!) method shared by forum member DK The Mage, as well…

I believe it’s normal to put the mirror inside the triangle/at the spot where you expect or wish the spirit to manifest, since it’s going to be their base.

You can also use those agate slices sold in new-age shops, I have one of those and it’s great. :slight_smile:

Lady Eva you are a genius. I would not have thought of doing this with something as simple as a common picture frame, but I can see now how it would work. With the unpainted side toward me it would still be reflective. It’s simple enough to stand a frame up by itself too, and many of them are quite nice. Oh I’m quite now to go in the week and get supplies to start making one.