A bit of help?

A month or so ago a former friend of mine who is very ill in the hospital had cut off communication from me, (reasons because he’s a stubborn ass who thinks he’s best to be alone when he indeed needs help)
I was wondering if anyone could suggest spells to either compel him to further communication with me, compel him to help himself with his health, or most preferably both.
We were quite close before this so of course I still worry. Help is appreciated.
Yet, also I’m not extremely skilled in things that has distance (he is an hour from me) so if anyone is kind enough to perform a spell for me, that is also vastly appreciated

King Paimon should be able to convince your friend to communicate with you, and probably help him help himself too. However, never make the assumption that you know what is best for his health better than he does, even if he is being stubborn in your eyes.

If you are going to do any type of healing magick on your friend, I highly recommend you get his permission first. Not because of any ethics about free will or anything like that, but simply because a healing is always more successful if the patient allows it and adds their intention to it, rather than fighting against it.

Yes, people will deny themselves healing for one reason or another, and also, their Higher Self may fight the healing as well, if it feels it is time to move on or there is something to be learned from the illness, so it is helpful if he consciously declares that he wants your help.

There was an old post on here long ago from a member who used healing magick on someone, and ended up keeping them alive in a comatose state against their will instead of letting them die, not because the patient wanted to live, but only because the magician couldn’t let them go. Be aware of how it could turn out.

Good luck to you and your friend.

Entities to influence your friend: King Paimon, Acheron the Angel of Influence, from Kingdoms of Flame

Entities for Healing: The Archangel Raphael, the Duke Marbas, the Angel Rantka from Kingdoms of Flame. Also, Letana, the Encouraging Angel may be of use as she “gives courage where despair prevails.”


I second the opinion about King Paimon, he’s really good!

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You have a photo, talk to his higher self - apologise for whatever you did to upset him or if there’s no need for an apology just ask him how long he needs to be on his own because you miss his miserable face around the place. Something that will make him laugh and miss the humour you share together.

As you probably know rituals cost time, money, resources, energy and create links with people you may not know that’s why the people who do this as their livelihood charge what they do. Your own power and intent are always going to be stronger if you do something properly yourself.

Have a look on youtube at various contact me spells, the simplest ones are often the best.


There was another thing I did when my friend was in a critical condition, but this isn’t fun and it’ll wipe you. Ask president Marbas to create an umbilicus to allow you to feed your friend healing energies or whatever they need for a period of time eg until they awaken, can talk, breathe alone, etc. however as @DarkestKnight has stated if the person is leaving, and this is why talking to the higher self is important - don’t do it.

My friend is an important person, not just to me, but to hundreds if not thousands of people. But ultimately if he’d said no thanks I would have needed to respect that. I wouldn’t have liked it.


Yes I understand thank you for your advice.
And it’s just that the illness has been there nearly his whole life and it pains me that he is now just, giving up on himself even though he was trying hard to get better. I’ll ask king paimon to help me, thank you

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