A bit of Good News on my personal life

Certain aspects of my life seem to be turning around. First of all, I’ve finally managed to commit to a story. I’ve managed to write 8 chapters and am now working on the 9th. I plan on it being between 10 to 12 chapters long, maybe 13. Once it’s done, I plan on posting it elsewhere, and making an Instagram account where I show off artwork for it.

My writing strategy is not to write big books, but anthologies made up of smaller ones. For someone who doesn’t read big books, I consider this method easier to swallow.

I’ve learned to use the story as an excuse to communicate with others. I just go up to them in the caf and say “Would you mind doing me a favor? I have a story, and I could use a test reader.” Most of the time, people say yes. When they say no, they don’t make a fuss out of it. Though, those who’ve read have been generally positive in their praises. Their inflections tell me they’re being serious.

I’ve decided to use this method to get over my fear of girls. I’ve realized that approaching them this way gives me sense of cover. To them, they’re just doing me a favor. But in truth, I’m hoping it sparks a conversation. Most of the time, it hasn’t. But it at least puts me out there.

Earlier today, the method worked. I got to talk to this one girl I know of in my english class. I see her a lot in school because the campus is that small. Hell, I see her in the caf with two friends each day at 8 like clockwork. It turns out she actually likes the points I make in class. In fact, she’s 19. I’m not going to lie. After talking to her, she’s honestly just adorable.

I’m also making some guy friends. And though I want more attention from girls, I consider guy friends to be more important. For one, they help in meeting girls.

In addition, I’ve found a martial arts class that is adults only. NO KIDS OR TEENS! Once a payment is fully made, I plan on joining. It meets 4 times a week, 90 minutes a class. If I can commit to it, I’m hoping to improve on myself for the next semester. I know that amount of time may not get the physical results I want, but I’m hoping it’ll give me some more confidence and emotional security. I’m also hoping that it’ll build a habit for exercise. I’ve managed to commit to a habit to go to bed and get up at decent hours. So, that helps.

I’ve also learned that I feel more motivated and ready for meditation after some good social exchanges. These interactions are to me what air, water, and basic nutrients are for the body. Somehow, when I have them, I feel more opt to do meditations.

Going back to that girl, I kinda liked her. I’m not sure in what way, but part of me was considering doing that full moon seduction ritual with her in mind. Still, the fact is that’s not my style. I feel like I’d rather do magic that just makes me more attractive to the general population. Not necessarily to gain sexual partners, but to get girls’ attention, and get to know them. That would be the ideal move. Still, I don’t know. My main concern with specifically targeting spells is how could it affect the target? I’m not looking for anything extreme right now, just to begin an organic process that never had the chance to start.


Time… It always the time.

Imo… I think you should focus on getting the tools needed to save time, so that you can acquire more time.

It sounds like your pretty busy to the point where you seemed worried about not meeting your goals in a timely fashion, or maybe it’s your emotions and confidence getting in the way too much.

I think that finding things that cause a lot of delay would be what you should fix, that would give you the proper time necessary to do the martial arts class & be get better at magic & practice.

Things such as meal prepping. Or perhaps a better diet? Or perhaps some herbs that increase productivity and focus so you can get things done faster like school work and really open the time to focus on the hobbies you really want to in life.

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