A Bit O' Fun

So, I was sittin’ in the pub imbibing some much needed alcohol, and cruising the forum on my phone, when an idea struck me.

Could these ads, that have now become a part of the forum, be used for divination? :thinking:

I pondered, and I pondered, as one does over a cold mug of beer, and I decided to try it.

In honour of the art of Googlemancy, I now present to you, the Adsense Ad Divination System:

First, come up with a question. I know this is obvious but apparently not to everyone.

Now, holding that question in your mind, look at the current set of ads showing on the forum. Then, when you are gazing at the ad, refresh your browser. Do this continually until your intuition tells you to stop.

Once you have stopped, scry into the ad, and see if it answers your question.

My question was “will I find a new home?”

The answer was two ads for “Angel Readings,” and one add for “Lucky Numbers.” This tells me that the answer to my question lies with the angels I am working with.

What do ya’ll think? :slight_smile:


I asked what lies ahead of me tonight at work. The first ad remained blank while the bottom was for audible. So, lack of information due to not communicating properly? Sounds about right

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Very nice!

It works but I don’t know about the answer to my question being nice! Lol sounds like hell for me again

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This… this sounds interesting. I am going to try out of curiosity

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You can use anything for divination if you get creative enough/follow your intuition.

I have yet to meet the person that could scry into a pile of dog shit though…

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Well. I’ll try anything once. Or do anything for pizza… (story for another day.)

Been fighting with someone important to me. Not even speaking to each other st the moment so my question was:

“ how do I reach xxxx xxxxxxxx?”

I’m on my phone so I covered the part of the screen with my left hand and pushed the refresh arrow until it stopped wanting to let me do so.

The add at the top is for getting an mba, have one so not seeing how that applies but the bottom add was green and said something about making a move. It seems to have poofed and been replaced since I started typing this but that’s ok.

I thought it was interesting because my roommate suggested, getting my passport and just making the hour drive into Canada and talking to him face to face.

Curiously enough the add showing now is about meditation. Another friend suggested if I simply meditated on the issue the answer might come.

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When i was drunk, i took a piss somwhere and i scryed in the shape my urine start to get.
I repeat i was drunk but hey, it did his thing though.
It’s not a pile of dog shit but at least pretty close


Thanks for sharing this @DarkestKnight!

Thats where you are wrong.


@anon40900405 You’ve scried into dog shit before? Tell me your secrets master of shitomancy.


Well, if you have glasses, please show them up there, put the glasses back on, fall into tgs, then smell and visions will come to you.

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…actually, it is an actual practice called Scatomancy lol

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@Dralukmun I still think shitomancy is funnier.

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Oh I agree lol

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How about shartomancy instead?
Like good old days…

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@anon40900405 Only if the shart is a little one.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I know you cant stop looking my face.

No matter how much I want to. Lol

Lets stop dragging this thread man :joy: