A bit discouraged with magick

Since 2017, I’ve been very interested in magick, in this time, I summoned some demons, made some spells and tried to develop my astral senses. Right now, I think I left these topics on the back burner and my interest is decreasing a bit. Recently, I’m feeling very -ok but could be better- and caring just about material and emotional subjects, It’s not like they’re always bad stuff, but I can feel that something is missing, do you get it? I’d aprecciate an advice.


The problem with majority of newbies is that they are not following a fundamental rule and try greatly to get around it. If you are not meditating then you are doing shit. Before attempting to control the world around you and connecting with entities you HAVE TO first and foremost learn to control your mind.

Without it youre trying to drive without a drivers wheel or pedals, even worse with no key. Not saying you are not, but its a standard problem. No meditation, no mind control, no magcik, no spirits, etc


hi, i was doing it daily
but like i said, i stopped doing magick for a time and in this time i stopped meditating too


Are you still around? I understand the feeling. If something requires so much work with little gain it can be discouraging. Nevermind the magick talk, the time is now to focus on the self. This means you have to honestly know what you want and expect from yourself in life. If material is your focus, magick is unnecessary. If spirituality is your focus, perhaps traditional religion. Magick comes after the fact when you want more than what can ever be offered, true understanding. Not many achieve it.


And there is a problem with this? One of thee most basic and fundamental applications for magic was to gain resources. We no longer go on the wild hunt and need the gods and spirits of the forests to guide us to our next kill, but the purpose of magic is not diminished…to gain resources.

Personally, I am trying to look on the bright side here, you are trying to figure out WhY you need magic in the first place and that will open up your path.

As I said about some people that were trying to hex me “you spent all of your life to learn how to conjure spirits and work magic, but you are too fucking broke to pay your bills. Don’t you think you have wasted your life? You lost the battle and you are broke!”

We ArE in this dimension above all others. Master this earthly plane, master the others to continue to master this plane. Good luck!


I’m not criticizing search for material things, I even think it’s very pertinent. When I started praticing magick, I was looking for knowledge, I also use magick for material things, but that’s not the point, get it? What I am saying is that today I feel distant from magick and spirituality, I feel discouraged and that’s bothering me and I wanted an advice. Just it.


There is a primer in basic magic, and a lot of rituals posted. If you imagine it as a task of work duties that need to he done asap, then do them. I need to take my own advice here as well.
If you do this, perhaps do magic for others on here without their knowledge like random acts of kindness (and pay attention to the tmw thread after), perhaps your interest in magic will return.


Yes, I wanted this. That was the motive I started praticing magick since the beggining.

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thats an awesome advice, thanks

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