A bit confused concerning Spirit Contact

So hello again I was wondering for some time now about spirit contacts.
I channelled Sastan a week ago and he said that he would stay with me and its true. So I ahad another conversation with him and hw told to me not to just practice regular exercises of divinations but also contact other spirits that teach things he specifically said :

“Try to speak with other spirits besides me but spirits that teaches things not spirits that grant things…”

So I defenitely know that my vision has been blocked because of an “holy act” so I cannot see again like I used to. So I was wondering about that because from various post’s that I’ve seen here you ppl talk about sigils that you feel actually their opening. So far Iam only experiencing flashing lines followed by blurry vision for a couple of secs and then Iam immediately channeling without knowing! Even when I tried to Evoke the same thing happened and still happens!!!

Well a while ago (1 month maybe?) I posted about TGS and my experience and a member explained to me that I had already was at crossroads but I clearly did not see anything there only a feeling of balance of my inner being I felt like a was cured (Iam diabetic) my body was fine I cannot describe any further the feeling.

So heres the question I know for the time being I cannot see the Spirits and even when Iam structuring only shades (blurry dark smoke-like things) appears like for 1 sec only. If anyone of you know some ritual or spell that could help me practice I d wanna hear it pls. By spell I mean something like sigil magic and if someone could explain to me if I can work through channeling with Goetia spirits.

I want if possible to guide me in some way I want especially to work with spirits like Marax,Sitri and Vepar anyway sorry about my rambling here ppl any help is appreciated