A big shout out to king paimon

hi guys,
Here is what happend, 2 weeks back i was in dire situation where my landlord was breathing down my neck for the due rent and i was not in a possition to pay him the rent.Yesterday was my last day to pay rent and if i was not able to then the landlord said he will throw me out.
So i started praying to King Paimon for his help and guidance for the problem. But since i dont have any source of income i was very worried that may be it will not work. So here i was nervous about my situation and over thinking how to solve.
Well as i mentioned before yesterday was D-day and still i was not able to arrange money for my rent. One thing that kept me going on was my constant praying to King Paimon. When ever i was sigil gazing and chanting King Paimons enn i never felt bad at my situation. Being a noob i never felt King Paimon’s presence or hear his voice or receive any kind of responce from the King.
Except two days back while i was chanting his enn i felt my upper body a little warm and of being wraped tightly in a blanket but not uncomfortable at all. This happened twice for 10 seconds but apart from that no other signs.
So i called up one of my relatives yesterday to ask for someone else number and ended up telling them about my situation.They were like dont worry we will help you with your situation and pay us back later. Holly molly this was from someone with whom i only speak when i go to visit my parents or if there is any special occasion’s in our family but otherwise i never called them to speak.
King Paimon decided to help me through someone from whom i was not expecting any kind of help at all.
Its because of his help that i have a roof over my head.
I really hope that King Paimon will keep on guiding me further in my life and i get to spread his greatness as well.
I would also like to mention @manosman name here because couple of days back i contacted him regarding King Paimon and his words of encouragement were also a huge boost to me, so a very big THANK YOU to @MANOSMAN for your help.
And finally


@wanderingsoul that was great

S it was best for noob like me.

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@wanderingsoul keep on

thanks @Nathenry i just hope to learn great many things from King Paimon


@wanderingsoul even me, i have no experience you are much better than me but i have faith that one day i do it on my on

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nah man even i dont have any experience…its just dat after reading through lots of post you get great courage to do things…i tend to think over whnever im nervous and a few words of encouragement from strangers like @Manosman did give me the will to carry on…so just keep going on and one day you n me both will be able to learn and do great many things


@wanderingsoul that’s great i will never give up until get to the top of the game

dats all it takes, to never give up

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But i don’t know who can help me

well i see it this way…all you can do is ask for suggestions or how others go about it…apart from it every thing else is to practise…dats all it come down to keep practising

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Yes @wanderingsoul that what i want but who to ask is where am confused

I’d start with a grimoir directed towards beginners. There are many great books out there on the occult that do not require an actual teacher to learn @Nathenry

And great post op, it was very refreshing and motivating to read. I’ve been meaning to work with King Paimon after watching “Hereditary” and reading so many success stories here.


this is how i do it…so i wanted to work with king paimon, first thing i did was use the search option in forum and gathered as much info about him as possible…like will he work with someone who has no experience or how to apporach him or what to give him as offering or any info related to him.
So lets say you would like to work with king paimon, go to search option type his name dats it u will get lots of info about him…go through them and after reading if you have any particular questions just post it on forum and someone for sure will provide u da means…just like @DrifterOfDarkness mentioned about grimoire for beginners, read about whta you want to do and after reading you have any doubts about anything we have the whole forum to help you


@DrifterOfDarkness thanks so much and am very grateful
Can you specify the book little for a beginner please

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@Nathenry Goetia Pathworking, by Corwin Hargrove
Demons of magicks, by Gordon Winterfield

this 2 books is very easy to understand, especialy for beginner like us.


Thanks so much @Genderewo keep it up

@Nathenry, np :slight_smile: genderewo hit the nail on the head with their recommendations. Basically anything from Gallery of Magick.

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I will check in there @DrifterOfDarkness thanks

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you see @Nathenry all we need to do is ask and the members will help us out…we just need to read and practise and if any further questions BALG is always there for us