A big meeting coming up tomorrow.....please send good luck

Hello BALG Family,

This is my second post in 3 months on my career. Recently, I have been struggling a lot with recognition at work, appreciation and growth. I am kind of side lined inspite of working so hard and delivering successful projects. Just a victim of favourtism and office politics. But I am not breaking, I have promised myself. 2019 has been a tough year!

Now my superboss who is in another country is travelling to our office and out of 80 people in my team has chosen me for an 1:1 session with him to discuss my projects with him.
I want to have a lasting impression on him. Also, I plan to discuss my growth aspiration with him. Those 30mins can make or break my career.

Guys, pleas send good luck and vibes my way.
I really want to make it happen.


I wish you the most of success :slight_smile:


That’s mostly the problem in businesses. They must see who you are. And unfortunately they tend to look more at people that have a great story but do less then people who are working hard and doing something for the company, or people who have a talent.

But if you won’t give up, then you will get there, don’t worry. Never give up!

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And good luck and my best wishes in this meeting.

Thank you for your kind words, Borgy.

I am determined. I wont give up.

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