So there are always stories that many people find to be true that there are spirits which appear in form of human and communicate with normal people like mostly some legends say that, and other spirits who try to harm people in physical level, how is that possible when it is so hard to just bring spirit to full material manifestation while they can hurt , scare people by doing some miraculous things. I do think that this happen and they are real but how some spirits can be so powerful on physical level itself? or is it like a game that spirits play with brain? (spirit here can be any entity not just any spirit here) how can some spirits be seen by normal people like in most ghost sightings even if they have very low mental abilities?

It is all about energy my friend and the different dimensions where these energies are.
That’s why the word medium exists. It doesn’t matter if it is the dumbest person in the world, it could be the biggest medium in the world.
Certain persons and certain places act as a portal to these other “dimensions”
The general idea is that all human beings can do this in a way, some better then others, some more attuned to certain energies then others…


Have you considered that when you bring a spirit to materialization that relies on you and not the spirt and when the spirt does things like haunting, or some other thing, it’s all on the spirit in question? In other words, what if the magician’s presence is a determining factor?
Also, some people just have more (clear) spiritual experiences than others. Or some locations, like cemeteries, may just have more of the energy. I think it depends on the people and the spirits that interact more than anything else.

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