A beginners process 😊 day 10

Dear all,
I hope you all are doing well and fine.

So, :blush:
I practiced lot of things patiently, and i hv come to observe/feel results.
Like presence of Lucifer and around me. Still im not sure, but i felt him.
(Not working with any other right now)

Learning several meditations(strongest key), like chakras as described by sir EA himself.

I can’t lay my eyes of forum, there’s so much to learn and practice.

I still have a bit of fear in me, but soon It’ll be gone. I believe that.

Forum members are really helpful, i keep mentioning this , because I’m really thankful to them for their experienced advice whenever i needed.

I Read about succubus/incubus. I am surprised that something (spirit/demons) like this exists. And,
King paimon

Please Suggest if anything else i should learn to get better results.

Thank you.

That’s all for now.
Stay safe

Perhaps daily “trancework” i.e. enter such state, and aura cleansing (you may visualize your aura as golden white, large and brilliant). Experiment with types of divination and methods of astral projection, in order to find those most effective for you; summon that certain spirit today and another one tomorrow.