A Beginner Trying to Make New Beginnings

For three years I’ve been acquainted with LHP. I’ve become theistic satanist and made a pact, then I’ve changed my ways, around 2 years I’ve working on Buddhism and mantras. Yesterday, in the midst of my petty love problem I felt a pull towards Demonolatry again. But I fear that I’ve broken my pact with Lucifer because of Buddhism and now I’m not worthy enough.

Anyways, today I’ve meditated on Duke Dantalion, I made a petition spell, wrote what I want without any harm, then I draw Duke Dantalion’s sigil and placed chocolate offerings.I know that maybe this is nothing but I will continue to meditate on him, pray to him.

Any insight and help will be appreciated, thank you!


You are good.I bet Lucifer appreciated you went through various types of practice.

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I would like to think Lucifer is not a dogmatic dictator as well. I appreciate the feedback!

I don’t believe he thinks that way :slight_smile: He’s about your personal growth and liberation, not punishing and controlling you.

It’s like with other personal relationships - don’t tie yourself in knots worrying what someone thinks - just go talk to them first and find out what’s real.


Thanks, I’ve learned so much from Buddhism and I still am. But what about my start with Duke Dantalion, is it a good start?

Well that’s between you and he, but that looks like a standard approach that usually works…
the only thing I’d add is to open that sigil - gaze at it in a meditative state until it starts to flash or look 3D, or lines start to disappear and reappear.
The drawing of it is part of that - helps to charge it with intention, then when you gaze on it and it’s open the link is made - at that point he’s “picked up the phone” on the other end and you can read out your petition so he’ll hear it. Hopefully you will be able to subtly feel him around - maybe behind you, maybe as a kenning.

Now, I’m very much NOT a demonolator - Demonolatry is a religion and I’m allergic to those - I think, the daemons actively don’t want worship or prayer - it’s disempowering for you, to give yourself away like that and beg for favours, while they’re busy trying to get you to take your power back from mainstream religious control and use it - to pray is (imo, obvs) to replace one slavemaster for another and work against everything an adversarial entity stands for. At best it assumptively puts an entity in a position is didn’t ask to be in.

I recommend instead establishing a mutually respectful alliance that will build into a friendship, a friendship between kings in thier respective realms. I like to think of it as my inviting a state visit from the dignitary of a neighbouring province, manners and decorum are observed and everybody is happy.

You don’t need any food offering - the evocation itself IS the offering - you are giving your time and energy, and that’s the best offering there is.


Hmn - well, I though I just did, so, what part are you having trouble with - can you explain more?

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Oh okay now, thinking about what you say. Thank you. I’ll continue to work.

Today, I draw Dantalion’s sigil (rather a bad version of it) and gazed upon it while listening their enn. It didn’t flashed or became 3D (or maybe i just thought it was my eyes) and when I asked for a sign about my petition, I got a strange feeling, sort of a euphoric or maybe weed-high-kinda, but it was very short.