A beginner at this

Hello Im new and would like some tips on just about everything please and ty I work with gusion, dantalion, zollos, and bylith. I want to build stronger relationships with them

Have you ever dabbled in Witchcraft or basic magic?

Na I’ve been just with the demons

I’m kinda hesitant to mess with magic

When I was a child I would sit in with my friends mom and hold hands with her as she read from a big old looking book

That’s as far as the magic part went

Oh little fledgling, you might already be working magick and not even know it. You say you have been interacting with these entities for some time.

I would like you to entertain a thought for a moment. What was the last thing you REALLY desired, or desired to happen. Can you tell me what the outcome was of that thing you desired with your very beeing?

I don’t always get what I want just what I need like I got out of rehab two weeks ago and got a job that day, umm I didn’t ask to get out of rehab but I thought about it and boom I was in a sober house it’s little things but like I got into a bind the other day with another demon a lesser demon that has no rank and all the signs pointed that he wanted my child, and I asked the ones I fuck with and boom it was resulved and I stopped hearing and seeing this crow or Raven that was following me

Here’s a post I made a while back about contacting King Paimon. You can also find other basic “how-to’s” by searching around.

For the Goetia, I use the book Demons of Magick, and there are other books that you could find by searching. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum if you are willing to do some research.

You’ll also get better results if you refine your questions a bit more. Asking for help with “everything” won’t be as effective as “love spells,” “influence,” or “divination.”

I don’t have money to buy books tho like I need a better job with better hrs, ty how can I build a stronger bond with the demons that I talk to


If money is a concern, then check out the link I posted. Paimon can help you with the job situation, either finding you a better one or improving your current position. His powers of influence can make your boss more susceptible to helping you, and his powers to improve reputation and standing can be used to expand your network, which will help you find better work. (I have consistently made several unexpected LinkedIn connections on days when I evoke Paimon)

Another demon to look into would be Bime, commonly known as Bune. She is very well known for helping with financial matters. With patience, she can bring cash needed for an important project, improve the flow of money through a particular venture, and can bring wisdom to financial decision-making.

You will build a relationship with these beings by summoning and evoking them often. There is no one trick or technique that will work near as well as consistent magickal practice. Immerse yourself in their power, and it will become your own.

I understand if you truly are in a desperate situation, but you should be able to find a way to gather $10. If that means going without cigarettes or alcohol, or eating scarcely for a few days, that is a price well worth paying. The magick can bring you so much more.

Ok ty very much

Well point still stands. It sounds like your doing magic and not even realizing it. And yes getting what you need more then what you want is a very common occurrence. Sounds to me your “family” is helping you, in all honesty isn’t that something a family does?. :wink:

Exactly that. Talk to them, learn about them. You call them your “family” treat them as that, a second family.