A Bat appeared at court

Hi Everyone,

I was at a court proceeding today and a bat appeared out of no where and had the matter adjourned. Has this ever happened to anyone here? Is there a spirit that takes a form of a bat?


I don’t know about a spirit… but this is my story…

Some time in the past I was stuck in uni and I could not progress to the final year and I could not find a job either because I didn’t have the qualifications.
So my confidence had gone down and I was studying to pass a small certificate that could alone help me to at least find a junior role.
On the night of my exam we got in the house a bat. We lived at the city town centre so there were no places for a bat to live. Like caves etc. Plus we lived on the 7th floor. It was very strange but we took it as a lucky omen.
I passed my exam with flying colors and I got unstuck from uni and proceeded to the final year. AND… I found a job too.

I believe that it is not bad… but that is my take from my personal experience


Thanks. I hope that it’s a positive sign as well for my case.


In my experience, bats symbolize the finding of something hidden, whether it’s something that has been hidden to you for example(success) or the truth (like in a courthouse). However that’s just omens, I’m not aware of a spirit that manifests as a bat.


Okay. Thanks. I will be keeping that in mind.