A Basic Curse

Alright! Let’s get down to it. I’ve had a theoretical question on what a curse spell might actually look like. For those who are curious, here’s one (out of dozens upon dozens) of variation of a basic “candle magick” curse of moderate potency. Use at your own discretion:


  1. A small, vaguely humanoid paper effigy.

  2. A picture of your ex. (Optional: a piece of her hair, a small piece of her clothing, and/or something similar for an even deeper connection)

  3. Black or red thread.

  4. A fireplace, campfire, or similar place where you can burn things.

  5. A quiet, preferably dark place where you will not be disturbed.


Light the fire. Sit and stare at it for a few minutes. Calm yourself. Find the intent and resolve for what is to come and realize that once you begin the working, you will not stop until it is complete. Feel the flames affirm your intent. When you feel ready, tie the thread around the effigy, picture, and whatever other item(s) you found. As you tie the thread, feel the workings of your spell inexorably binding her (your target’s) life to your will. Realize that there is no escaping the spell. Feel it in your bones with the certainty of a natural law, such as gravity. Next, hold the effigy in your left hand and focus all of your emotions on it, knowing that the power of the spell will transfer to your target. Visualize, in as detailed a manner as possible, what you want the outcome of your spell to be. Feel what you want your target to feel, and then feel those emotions drain away into the effigy. Keep directing energy and intent into the effigy for as long as you can, until you begin to emotionally exhaust yourself and the focus becomes difficult to maintain (I estimate maybe 15-20 seconds for most people, but if you really hate her, I suppose you might be able to manage a few minutes… It’s different for everyone). After you feel the last of your emotions and Intent drain away into the effigy, you should be getting fatigued. This is the time to end the flow and throw the figure into the fire. As it burns, visualize the inescapable force of your intent flying forth into the Universe to work your Will. Get up and walk away knowing that your spell has been cast. Finally, go “ground” yourself by performing a mundane, everyday activity: watch a movie, eat a sandwich, play a video game… whatever works for you."

If you use this, please post the results of your spell when it is successful so that we can go over them.

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