A baneful working used to sacrifice humans to your spirits

I called on Belial this morning.
I had an alarm set for 3:15am to get up and begin the working.
Well I hit the snooze button and didn’t wake up to the next alarm.

A couple hours later I had a very brief dream of the wooden sigil I have of Belial laying next to me and opening.

I woke immediatly.
Beliial said that the rules of a God are simple.
Set an intent. Manifest it.

If we look at the old Gods,did they wait to manifest what they wanted?


So all this aside I asked Belial about sacrificing someone through a curse in his name.

A sacrifice that would be the same as a physical sacrifice without all the trouble and risk of getting caught.

Without explaining it myself I’ll just type out what Belial said straight from my journal.

I asked him if this was OK to share and he said this is knowledge that would be most useful to just about any majician who doesn’t have a problemo with killing someone through ritual.

Now one of the questions I asked during the conversation I can already tell is going to be EXTREMELY co controversial.

Don’t freak out.I’m not going to do it.It was just a question and a received answer.

So here we go.

I should note first I told Belial I wanted to sacrifice something to him.He said my development was what he wanted but if I desired to sacrifice then he would show me how and make it happen.

I did a tarot reading after the dream of the sigil which was Ruin,Happiness,Victory.
(Look up the Thoth deck yourselves).

Confused about the 10 of Swords (ruin)
Confused about this (but having a feeling what it meant I asked him.

Me:“My cards say your purpose for me was ruin that leads to happiness.What does this mean?”

Belial:“Your sacrifice.Take your time.I do not want just anyone.I want someone of power to fall.”

(Here comes the controversial part)

Me:“What about a pregnant woman? A child contains more power than most adults.”

Belial:“This is true.I will accept this.But the result must be death.”

Me:“How do I kill so quickly through ritual?”

(Here’s the good shit)

Belial:"Build up your hate for them,then release it in a mock sacrifice.Place an effigy upon the altar laying on it’s back and with ONE (he emphasized that) hate filled stroke “murder” the effigy by either slitting it’s throat or cutting open the chest.Feel the pain and fear of the victim as if they were there.You must visualize the effigy and the sacrifice as real as possible.Do this in my name. Open my seal and call my name.Then perform the sacrifice.“In the name of belial ,I sacrifice _______!”

The rest of the evocation was about other things.
But there you have it!
A way to humanly sacrifice someone to a spirit without all the fuss!

I plan on doing this soon so if anyone else does it please share your experience so we can compare notes!

PS:Belial didn’t say this probably because I already knew but after crafting the effigy baptize it in consecrated water or virgin oil and recite “In the name of the father,the son,and the holy ghost I baptize you ____”

That or something similar.
A mock christian baptizing.

I’ll report results when I get around to this project!



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So if (or once) you perform this ritual sacrifice, what happens to the person? I mean, I’m assuming that they will feel or manifest some residual effects of the working, but by what means?

I’m not sure about the specifics.
I just asked Belial for a way to kill quickly and a way to do it in devotion and this is what he gave me.
I’ll have to ask about specifics.
I imagine this gives the spirit permission to feed from the victim which I assume would happen as soon as the ritual is over.Just like giving a command in evocation.

When I get around to this I’ll definently post results.

This is very similar to the ritual provided in the True Grimoire, except that you cut the chest open, insert charged seals of the recommended spirits, sew it back up and bury it.

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there are rituals in the inugan prophecy just like this one. one of them requires you to create an effigy out of wax and put a hole where the heart is, and you stuff that with pins, then burn it. another has you create an effigy in a tin can that represents a car and then crush it in certain names, but you have to stay away from moving vehicles for a month after that to avoid dying in an accident yourself.

Interesting stuff guys.
I hadn’t heard of anything like this until Belial gave me the ritual.

What’s the True Grimoire?
Are you referring to another grimoire by a different name or is it something else?
I’d like to check it out.

Jake Stratton-Kent published it as Trve Grimoire, and Joseph Peterson’s version is available as Grimorium Verum.

Would you feed your children with shit? Certainly not.

I already told this once in a thread where the person asked about feeding an egregore through a viralized youtube video. One have to care about spirits as they care about their children, when offering something, so that it be of good quality, noone wants shit, no noble spirit wants a nasty person as sacrifice.

Anyway, I liked the ritual Musta and willl probably be testing this soon.

Of course! I thought that was the intention. Anyway, that is how I understand it. Amazingly, I already knew about this type of sacrifice. It is the best and you do seriously screw with the person sacrificed. Depending on the level of hate you put into it, you’ll either kill the person, or at least screw seriously with their life, health and mind.

I couldn’t have put it better myself Diazin!
Exactly my thoughts on this.And as someone who deeply respects Belial I wouldn’t think of offering him some stray cat or hobo off the streets just as I wouldn’t cook molded maggot invested food for my child.

You’ve done something similar to this?
If you don’t mind sharing I’d love to hear your experience.

I don’t feel Belial at all in your post and quotes…

So, how would you muster hate for a developing baby (fetus)? This would be sheer hate for life it’s self? Or hate for the spirit fusing with the physical body; if so, later in the term would be better? Or is it just the raw emotion of hate that is then directed into the effigy?

Or do you mean that the pregnant woman is the sacrifice and by proxy, her unborn child will die; a double sacrifice?

What happens if death the intent, but not the result?

You can feel however you want.It’s your right.
All I know is while working with Belial my life has taken a turn for the better.
He has given me rituals besides this one that have opened new doors for me.
Spirits act to our own personal needs as a majician and as a human so your experience with him might have been different than mine.

With what I posted,take it or leave it.But I would love to hear about your experiences.
I’m by no means the best at spirit communication so what I do is perform a tarot reading before and after the ritual to see if what information I received during the evocation was legit.

Plenty of times I’ve read the cards and they point to mental wanking.But this also shows me what I might have done wrong.
Until I can actually see and hear the spirits with all my senses this is how I conduct my operations

If you have any advice on the matter I’m all ears.

I imagine the hate foe the pregnant woman would be enough and her and the child would die.
Once again I haven’t performed this operation.
Being yesterday was payday for me I might just go out and get some clay to try this.

I do feel Belial in his quotes and, forgive me for the things I’m about to drivel about since you’ve surely heard them a thousand times, but as an old god of self-reliance through sheer might it would not be totally unusual for him to request that.

Either as a test, to see if you are determined and strong willed, be it by defying his request and renegotiating or by actually being unmoved and compliant. Maybe he calls it off the last minute (Belial I mean) just like the Abrahamic god and his shady Isaac binding’s moment, or maybe not. As Musta said spirits usually tailor their work around your needs and development, and if Musta’s got a good reason to off someone and reap the benefits, then well, I am no one to judge.

As for my experience, I entered trance and contacted Belial because I had never heard about him being called the Scorpion God. He appeared to me as a tall figure (above 7 feet), very muscular and sporting a large, black horn on both sides of his head, around the temples, that curved forwards like a bull’s would.

He wasn’t very happy for some reason. As he stepped through a black portal he rose his arms as one would when wanting to say “well what the fuck is this?”. He explained he was very disappointed and that he had expected I “do it how it’s used to be/should be”, and the scene changed around me.

There were two large braziers burning in the midst of some ruined temples, and among its time-swept pillars a crowd of maybe around 10 people lay strew about. Some were fornicating, others where gibbering madness seemingly induced by either intense devotion or drugs, and others were slitting their lovers’ throats as they neared orgasm.

I explained that there was no way I would do that thing, and that besides, pulling off a ceremony of that magnitude was something risky and way out of hand. He sneered in response and gave me a condescending look before saying something along the lines of “I expected no less of you”.

Not that he expected that I would deny or be against that sort of thing, which I am, but that he somehow personally “knew” me capable of such a thing and expected that I would have done it, for him, simply out of glorification of his persona. Which is kinda strange since I thought he and I were on bad terms.

He left without being dismissed. I pondered on it, and I realized (maybe wrongly, who knows) that he had tested my resolve. I had contacted him willing to learn how to empower myself, how to get shit done when it needs to be done, and he mocked me. In return I refused to comply to such archaisms if you’ll allow (orgies of lust and murder) and demanded of him to come clean, to form a working relation bereft of getting me in jail. He smiled and I’d like to think he gave me a knowing smile.

I felt the words, that were conveyed without being spoken: “The first step to find resolve in your strength is to dismiss rejection or adversity and carry onwards no matter how strong you are opposed”.

It was a nice thing to be honest. I have not spoken with him ever since, but it felt like an older brother teaching me how to lift weights. Very constructive, very kind, and very useful.

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