A ant, thinks about the universe, **and how to break it!**

The laws of nature, are the product of the desire of entities.
The laws of our universe, are the product of the universe’s will.
To act against of laws of physics, i therefor must have greater will than the current universe.

That way, (for example) could i hold my regular my physical body, in a world without this grade of density.

I could literally swim through lava, and replace electric light with a small sun in my bathroom.

I could read/see thoughts, just buy looking at their reflection inside of the beings who think them.

I could snap with my fingers and destroy entire universes, or alter its matter. -Make soil hold a rainbow pattern, make water burn, make CO2 fluid, et cetera. NOTE, that the finger-snap, would be only a way to have some mental controll over it, but not a necessary action. -No action but a thought would be necessary.

You could created and destroy ALL of creation. And also replicate.
~We could watch frog-humans, and how they would fight their wars, while eating popcorn, and holding a softdrink common for humanity.
(Without getting sick, of course.)

We could take any form we want, since we are not under the law of universes -any universe.

This is, pretty much what i consider, the highest state of godhood, imaginable for my current mind.

But what do you think?


Why are the fbi nocking on my door?


I don’t care :3

~except you ignite my interest, or make me horny (°////°)