90 day challenge, Blood Meditation

I had a revelation. so my method of healing is a form of tactile imagination, sense of touch, it’s easy and powerful but I feel discouraged because there doesn’t seem to be much more then this.

I came to a thought. what is something that we need to survive. something we create, the old ‘gods’ desire it. it carries dna and has great power…its our own blood.

The first 30 days is simple, focus on the heart, the feeling of the blood pumping through your body. Just feel it don’t try to control it. eat foods that help with circulation, drink more water. stay away from foods that cause inflammation, and eat foods that reduce inflammation. take in more omega 3s and oils that reduce build up in the arteries

who is in?


As long as no blood gets spilled I’m IN. I’m the right age to be concerned of such things… hehe. :wink: <3

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Nope. no blood letting. It’s simple focusing on the heart beat for the first 30 days

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That’s sounds nice. After my last DMT trip I finally realized that all of the consciousness I see in everything should be used and tapped into during magick. Don’t just give water as an offering like it’s a thing - that water is alive and wants to help just because I acknowledged it. Same with giving blood or burning sage or any other magick all tool. … not sure if that makes sense. I’m not having the best time expressing myself these day lol…

Anyways, must point is it sounds nice to spend some time getting to know the essence and feeling of blood. I’m in :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed my body natural healing is more efficient