“9” Significance when attached to a person

I need to know what the significance of the number 9 would be when attached to a person over many reoccurring dreams or premonitions.

Two of the dreams from separate spiritually gifted individuals are as follows:

  1. The person is in an orphanage in somewhere possibly Central American surrounded by children, and they are chanting “Fuego al la Nueve”. I realize that this is broken Spanish, I am not a native Spanish speaker, and the person who had this dream does not speak any Spanish. The children appeared to be happy and welcoming, warm and loving. This was not an ominous dream.

  2. Someone else dreams that they are holding this individual in the back seat of a car. The person is wearing a sort of t-shirt with the number nine on the back encircled in red. They seem to be exhausted and the overall feeling is of unease and relief. The dreamer gets the intuition that the t-shirt is worn as a representation of a greater purpose or business, not by the wearer’s choice.

  3. The third dream is of the individual who is attached to the number nine glowing with an orange/gold aura. The dreamer intuitively attaches the title of “light worker” to this individual. Nothing more.

Anything else? And is there a more specific or nuanced meaning that could explain a “fire of nine” or “nine of fire”, “flaming nine”?

Thank you for all of your input and I would love sources if they could be provided.


9 is the number of Lucifer :heart: , the 9 Gatekeepers, 9 months till birth of a child… so number 9 is related with life, Earth and independence

Maybe even with the Great God Pan :heart:

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9 is the number of letter Teth, which means that God always wants the best for you, despite it may seems that he doesn’t. However, Liber AL vel Legis says:

II:15 For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret.

So, 9 is for the fools, it is foolish to give oneself to God hoping to best from him, cool people are of 8, which is a number of independence and magick (the name of letter Chet, which is 8, writen adds up 418), thus 9 represents the Old Aeon and 8 represents the New Aeon. However, hoping for the best is sometimes the only thing we can do.
Letter Teth is of the Lust card, thus representing the joyful exercise of power and what has to do with Babalon. It’s many correspondences can be found in 777.
Also, 9 can be formed in many ways, like 6+3 (the Hierophant fucking the Priestess), 3+3+3 (three Priestesses, which I find excessive and obscene) 4+5 (the prodigal daughter cuddling with her mother), or 10-1 (Semen without what makes it fertile), or 8+1 (Holy sex plus what makes it holy)

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