9 months of matrix meltdowns and near death experiences, Loki delivers a better reality

I have to apologize for assuming I was under attack a few months back for following alice down the rabbit hole, so to speak. I made a ritual up with triple trixster emphasis, about a year ago I figured father, God, the Holy spirit was Loki, iktomi and Lucifer. I asked for clarity on my path and true strength. Well, i felt insanity turn me numb and placid for months. my old beliefs, shackles of lies tying me to me to one dimensional existence, ect. seemed pure b.s. and after almost dying, literally, I’m back, focused and in awe of how powerful a trickster lessons can be. I am wondering if anyone else has had Loki( this energy I felt most strongly) put them to the coals, and what I should do to thank him/them? or if anyone just wants to share experiences. I literally have no-one to share this stuff with…


This is strange. (Forgive me for being a little off topic, feep free to ask @Lady_Eva to split this if need be.)
I left this on my home screen, logged back on and it took me to this. I didn’t click this

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Offerings, public recognition, thanking them in person.

Oh yeah. Ive been damn near homeless a few times, nearly died, and lost a lot of people under lucifer’s wing.


It felt like a brutal, clockwork orange inspired kind of a pass, or die test lol. I’ve never been through anything this intense before. Then again, I’ve never learned so much from one request or ritual before. I am grateful, and excited for further mentoring. I’m glad I’m dedicated to long game, its necessary for this growth, I’m learning.