9 Gatekeeper books

I apologize if this is redundant, as i have looked through the forums I have not been able to find an answer and the store is a little unclear. I am interested in the 9 Gatekeeps books and I saw the compendium. I wanted to make sure that is the same as the 9 individual books all in one book or is it like a separate "workbook’ for lack of terms.

@Anthony It’s sold both ways (as individual books as well as as the compendium that has ALL the books in 1 binding). Just make sure to pick the right one (if the price seems too low double check to be sure you selected the compendium). To reiterate for clarity the compendium is all 9 books it is not workbook.

I see this current compendium I am looking as is only 459 pages? That does not seem correct. Maybe its a typing error. here is the link to what I am considering. Nine Demonic Gatekeepers | E.A. Koetting | Become A Living God

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That’s the correct link is for buying all 9 in 1. When your ready to buy go back to that page and c/m click add to cart.

thank you, I see it is also 7x10 and that is a hearty book. Now I see why it is only 459 pages.

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That has to do with the printers typeset. Smaller typeset plus larger page size fits more in fewer pages. They didn’t skip anything it’s my understanding that they just used a different typeset and page size for the compendium then for the single books.

Add: it’s not fine print though (in case you were worried that it might be).

Better check to make sure the compendium had all of the additional content in it. The individual books have EA’s stuff in it and stuff from other authors when they opened it up. I wouldn’t but it without the additional content, as I want the additional insight and experiences.

It isn’t the complete compendium for each book. There are only the part of E.A. Koetting from all books in it. But in most books there were many more authors.

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