9 Demonic Kings

Hey guys & girls. Ok so we all know the basic 9 demonic kings. As listed. King paimon…belial…bael…vine…balam…beleth…asmoday…purson…zagan. Now i know that E.A states Azazel is also a demonic king & one of the four gate keepers. I was wondering about this for some time since that makes 10. Are there other kings that you as magician have discoverd? If so please do tell. I would like to work with them.


Astaroth, in my opinion, should be considered a king (or well, a queen?). The Goetic hierarchy doesn’t make much sense. Astaroth was once one of the most important gods, not to mention that she is very, very powerful.

The thing with the Goetic hierarchy is that it’s Christian ideology-based. The pagan gods were demonized, and some demoted to a rather low rank than they deserve. Their ranks in the Lesser Key of Solomon aren’t good indicators of their power.

Also, Amaymon, and Abaddon. The other two gatekeepers, but you already know that, I trust.


Oriens as well

Not to mention the kings and emperors in the Theurgia goetia.

Also Ziminar who seems to be high up but very little if any information comes up when researching him.


I think perhaps the nine demonic kings are apart of something like another kingdom of hell.

And demons like Azazel and astaroth, are apart of another kingdom don’t forget the infernal empire is probably bigger than we can even comprehend perhaps the kingdoms are separated, with different kings.


I always imagined that the Infernal Empire is divided into many realms - which contain many cities, as it were. Each demon king ruling over a city, or a realm, perhaps.

And the magician, the emperor of the Infernal Empire.


I completely agree with you but from research and my experiences in soul travel, plus by what the demons are telling me lucifer is still considered the emperor which is strange.

But it would make sense since lucifer is almost in every culture just with a different mask.


I don’t find it strange at all, actually. To me, Lucifer, Set, Satan, or any other form of this being, is more than just a spirit. I believe that they’re an isolate (emerged) consciousness which is connected to all people (not to be mistaken with the universal consciousness / THE ALL).

In a sense, I guess you could say that a magician and Lucifer rule together, and their dynamic is sort of like King-Prince, except the prince (magician) doesn’t get the throne once the “king is gone,” but is ruling together with him. And the “king” advises the “prince” about how he should rule, and a bunch of other things.

At least, this is how I see it.


Yes and belial is the 4th it was strange to hear him say Azazel is a King but your also right saying they are old gods with just different vocabulary. Now i havent looked into the infernal kingdom yet which sounds very interesting, i was speaking about the goetia book. I also read of other names in the comments ive never heard of.

That sums it up greatly I had a revelation about a being that is actually all demons, all legions, all dukes, all knights, kings and knights merged into one becomes the actual god of hell.

This seems to be the last infernal being, that could potentially show us the true meaning of being god.

But you must summon all the demons before evening call him.


I believe there’s a shortcut.

Instead of summoning every single demon (which is impossible. theoretically, there’s an infinite number of demons), you can summon the demons that represent a different force. All you have to do is make a list of fundamental forces, find the demons that correspond with these forces, and summon them.

For instance, let’s say you want to tap into a force called “Love.” You can just summon, say, Astaroth, for instance, and tap into that power. Calling upon Lilith, Ladilok, Asmodeus (for this purpose, that is) would be redundant, unless you want to tap into a different force through these entities.

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Do you think its possibly to evoke all the orginal demonic kings at one time or is that a bad idea?

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It’s definitely possible. E.A. Koetting has already done it.

Is it a good idea? I don’t know, talking to 9 people at the same time seems annoying. Even if I had to speak to them one by one, it would still be annoying.

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Good point. Everybody here is on a different level haha

Eh, the levels are arbitrary. I’d wager that it’s about the attitude, really.

A person who loves demons (me, me, me) will have an easier time working with them than someone who fears them and thinks of them as monsters, regardless of how well-developed their senses are, how “spiritually powerful” (whatever that means) they are.


It all depends on what type of magick you are practicing. Those who actually do their own magick without following a set standard will Order their Magick a certain way setting certain correspondences and Gods in place. There is no set rule saying “This God should be for this Direction” or “This God should be the Gatekeeper.”

Talking with the God, and understanding who and what they are will help you better understand their placement as a Gatekeeper or as one of the Directions or whatever.


I have my own cosmology im trying out with the milky way. myself as the sun the spirits and gods corresponding with different planets and astrological signs and stars. When i do my daily ritual i imagine myself as the sun and find who i want to work with and where they correspond. I was born on a tues for example so that is the day i would envoke deities of mars


This is so cool. I just had to post this.Who Are Azazel And The Demonic Gatekeepers is the topic in this video. :slight_smile:

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Are the goetia and the qliphoth two different hells seperate from the infernal empire or are they apart of it?

They both look similar and look to be translated in JCI origins. I like the qliphoth and the goetia.