9 demonic gatekeepers

I have recently been doing the meditation of @C.Kendall on the 9 demonic gatekeepers.
I haven’t yet completed the 9 days but I have seen some great results.
On my first try the room filled up with smoke and I got the smell of sulfur. It was that intense that I thought that there was an actual fire and sent me checking out the house but there was nothing there.
I didnt have any further experiences like this. I only felt something stroking the back of my neck while I was visualising becoming a part of the black river.
I got immediate results into having doors opened for finding a job and I had some changes into having people and energies that didnt serve me well being pushed away from me.
When I stopped meditating because of Christmas the negative people came back but I had some form of enlightenment.

Does anyone know if working with the darkness will create a blockage to keep working with the angels?
I have done lots of spells with them and I dont want them being undone. I had a friend who started working with demons and she told me that angels undid their work for her and i find it scary. I have solomonic seals and bindings, protections etc. If they undo their work I will have to start from square one… :see_no_evil:
I had also worked with Enochian angels from the latest Damon Brands book.

I hope I haven’t messed up :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

The meditation I used for the 9 gatekeepers is this one:


No, the angelic magick will not be undone by the demonic. I do both all the time with no issues.

The angels would only do so if you asked them to.


That’s brilliant news. I want to keep working with all of them.
Thank you. Your input is appreciated.

It is not a problem cause they are moving all in parallel worlds, the enochian have their realm, the demons have their realm and the angels too. So actually it’s not very clear if they all see eachother but probably they can sense eachother as experienced witches can contact other realms and sense them. But there is the question if all these entities really want to sense or see eachother. Probably not :wink: Just don’t mix the realms in the same ritual cause that might get very busy

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Hahaha I can imagine. No. I dont mix rituals. I stopped working with the enochian Angel’s 7 months ago. I finished the book.
They only gave me some enlightenment. Nothing extreme.
The 9 demonic gatekeepers though bring more drastic changes in my life and I feel that this is what I really need.

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I like to think of angels and demons as positive and negative poles, as on a battery. Angels are unlikely to undo demonic work. It’s kind of comparable to asking if the positive pole of a battery will undo the work of a negative pole of a battery. In my experience, angels and demons compliment each other. Also, I do all sorts of work with spirits, and I am currently working through Brand’s Enochian Success book.


I was worried they might undo their work not of the demons. But thank you. I will continue working with both. I am feeling confident now.

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